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Emerald Suspension Redefines Musical Boundaries Using Stock Market Data and New ‘Instruments’


May 13, 2017

Minneapolis, MN: The experimental music collective Emerald Suspension has released their second album, titled Divination. Their first album, Playing the Market, featured audio compositions based on patterns found in the stock market and in economic data. While traditional song structures can be found on Divination, the instrumentation includes plenty of creative oddities of the type now expected from Emerald Suspension.

“Most of the tracks on Divination blend the familiar with the unfamiliar by design” notes album producer, Troy Curtis. “For example, Emerald Suspension integrates recognizable instruments with the sounds of electric razors, short wave ‘secret number’ broadcasts, a Muslim call to prayer, shopping carts, Morse code drum patterns, readings from a declassified CIA training manual, a three-wheeled bike, bowed metal, and other surprises.”

Far from a noise project, Emerald Suspension brings all of this together with a musical blend of alternative, industrial, and dark electronic flavors, with intriguing experimentation throughout. Many tracks on Divination also transition across musical styles, and have been said to sound both futuristic and primitive at the same time.

The unique sound sources and musical styles on Divination are intended to compliment the themes of each track, which center loosely around ‘divination’ and examples of paradox among the natural, unnatural & supernatural. Emerald Suspension balances out such weighty concepts with a few other tracks that are more straightforward and lighthearted – “Patient listeners are rewarded with unique covers of music by Sonic Youth and from the classic children’s television show H.R. Pufnstuf” said Curtis. Emerald Suspension somehow finds harmony among the chaos through their arrangements on Divination.

Divination is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby as well as other outlets. Music videos for the songs “Six Feet Closer” and

“Mildred Pierce / Millard Fillmore” can be seen at

Additional information about Emerald Suspension can be found at
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