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New Therapy Sets Couples’ Sex Lives On Fire


August 12, 2017

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The sex lives of men and women all over the UK are shooting through the roof because of an exciting new neuroscience based therapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™), and Gary Albert Hughes is the therapist loving helping them. There is no better time for it seeing as Sexual Health Week is fast approaching between 11th-17th September 2017.


Gary is an RTT therapist who specialises in erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. This means he works with men who have an inability to get or maintain an erection and women who can not orgasm. He also works with sex and porn addiction and is helping people find freedom from the grasps of these debilitating conditions using this revolutionary new therapy. Find out more about the therapy here:

“Imagine helping people have better, enjoyable, more exciting sex. The country would be a happier place. When I get a text or an email telling me how great sex has become for one of my patients it makes me so happy” reports Gary.

Gary was trained and mentored by renowned celebrity therapist Marisa Peer who appears in the Tatler guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, and voted Britains Best Therapist. “I was incredibly blessed to have Marisa as my mentor and teacher. She has treated hollywood actors, world famous models, athletes and members of the royal family. She has developed a remarkable new therapy”.

RTT can be used to work with almost anything from addictions, phobias, anxiety, depression, low self esteem to physical health conditions like migraines and IBS. Gary, however found a penchant for helping people have better sex.

“I remember my first patient with erectile dysfunction. At that point I had no idea I would come to specialise in this area. I was so nervous that I had to talk about erections with this guy I’d never met. I’d only ever helped clients with stopping smoking, anxiety, weight loss and those kinds of things. However, it went really well, and I enjoyed the process. I realised that it was just another physical symptom like anything else”.

A huge element of RTT is the hypnotic use of creative language and inner dialoguing to help start building new neural pathways in the brain. The result is a dramatic change in thought processes, feelings, emotions, behaviours and powerful transformations in the physical body. “I had to use all kinds of colourful and descriptive language to encourage new imagery around this patients’ erection”, Gary says. “However I took to it easily and was surprisingly good at it”. Gary says he was quite taken aback the next day when he received a text message reporting the incredible effectiveness of the treatment.

“I felt so emotional that I had helped this guy get back his confidence, not to mention his erections, and the fact that his partner was finally getting the great sex from him that they wanted. In fact I was so emotional and so excited I teared up a little. I knew in that moment this was my area of specialism”.

Gary sometimes receives messages from the partners of the patients he works with. “Often I’ll receive an email along the lines of ‘whatever you’ve done, THANK YOU!’ I find that quite amusing and also touching. It’s a great feeling to know people around the country are having better sex because of me!”

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition. It affects an estimated 50% of men between the ages of 40-70. That is a staggering 1 in 2 men. It can be caused by anxiety, depression, relationship and communication problems, sexual trauma and abuse, lack of confidence and low self esteem, hormonal imbalances, surgery and injury, pharmaceutical drug side effects, narrowing of blood vessels which can be associated with high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and diabetes. Click here to read more about erectile dysfunction and its causes. The number of men under 40 is also on the rise.

“The great thing about working with men in particular is that I am getting them to open up about their emotions which so few of them do. This is great for their partners because they get a man back who is more communicative, open, honest and in touch with his feelings and is able to actually talk, not to mention great in bed. What more can you ask for?”

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a pioneering new therapy method that is gathering interest all over the world. It is very different to techniques such as CBT, psychotherapy, counselling and other talk therapies because it achieves outstanding, deep, lasting results rapidly.

“I often see amazing results after just one session lasting two hours. The reason it is so effective is because we get right to the root cause of why, when, where and how the issue started and we creatively, using the power of the subconscious mind, unravel, unpick and reinterpret all those emotions and scenes from the past. We build new neural pathways in the brain resulting in transformed physiological reactions in the body – in this case hard, strong, long lasting erections”.

The End Erectile Dysfunction therapy method consists of 1-3 sessions of RTT and nutritional, dietary and life style coaching. This makes it a totally holistic, integrative and natural approach to quickly solving erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.

“RTT has change my life in the most profound ways and now I am helping others change their lives in profound ways too. To be helping couples find their sexual freedom again can save relationships, create families and bring people so much closer together. What a great feeling that is.”

Find out more about Gary’s work here: &

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