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Shock Absorber Activewear


January 5, 2018

Shock Absorber is a designer of sportswear and activewear for women. It is a very important brand for 2018 also, as it has just expanded its range to include some fantastic new sports bras and activewear items.

Shock Absorber has always been a name for highly technical designs like sports bras. But their 2018 seasons have shown that they wish to release ore fashion orientated designs also.

They have bras that are designed for every conceivable activity or sport, including tennis, running, horse riding, dance, martial arts and more.

They have also expanded their colours and patterns and made a line up of items that are suited to the gym but are also a fashion statement too.

Many retailers have seen a considerable increase over the past five year or so in activewear, mainly due to a growing health culture. But with the growth of this popularity, there is also the growth of fashion orientated sportswear too.

Sportswear is also becoming something that is worn in casual settings and for everyday activities, like yoga pants, due to the increased comfort and natural feel of the fabrics.

Shock Absorber has been at the forefront of this movement and is releasing more and more fashion ranges, with bras that have novelty patterns and sportswear that is released in very eye-catching colours and the classic geometric prints that have always been popular in sportswear.

Shock Absorber is expanding into more online stores also, including just releasing its sports bras to the biggest lingerie and hosiery e-retailer in the UK, UK Lingerie and its parent group Web Shop Direct.

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