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Sugar analysis without limits – The new MCP 5300/5500 Sucromat from Anton Paar


January 11, 2018

Anton Paar launches the new MCP 5300/5500 Sucromatseries, the successor of the well-established MCP 200/250/300 and MCP 500 Sucromats.

The new MCP Suromats are single-wavelength saccharimeters which measure at 589 nm (Sodium D line) according to ICUMSA. Optionally the instrument can be equipped with the near-infrared wavelength of 880 nm for the analysis of lead-free clarified solutions.


A reliable and accurate saccharimeter is required for the payment analysis of incoming sugar and also for the internal quality control in the sugar mill in order to meet the highest quality standards. The Anton Paar saccharimeters feature a highly precise temperature measurement of the product inside the cell, or the optionally available Peltier temperature control will cool or heat the sample precisely to the reference temperature. Measurements with and without temperature compensation are therefore provided with full ICUMSA compliance, making the MCP Sucromat an essential tool for measuring raw, intermediate, and final products in the sugar industry.


As any instrument downtime will have an impact on production in the sugar mill, the sensitive parts inside the instrument are protected in a hermetically sealed housing, so there is no chance for dust and humidity to collect inside the device. To ensure the highest light intensity and long working life, the defined wavelengths are supported by LED light sources with a lifetime of up to 100 000 hours. Measurement of strongly coloured filtrates is possible up to an unmatched Optical Density of OD 4.

Experience sugar analysis without limits: The new MCP 5300/5500 Sucromat: a robust and reliable instrument for all sugar analysis tasks in the sugar industry.

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