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A well-written press release is one of the best ways to communicate business news – targeted media distribution and syndication gets it in front of the right audience. This process unlocks a host of other benefits.

PR Fire has the expertise and resources needed to provide first-rate press release syndication and media distribution services –  so you can capitalize on these benefits. 

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Enjoy a contract-free system that allows you to stay in control of your budget and scale your press release distributions as needed. Our transparent, user-friendly portal tracks your order as you custom-build your distribution – so you know exactly what you’re paying.

How it Works


Have our team distribute an existing press release or write one for you.


Choose the industries and regions you’d like to target.


Boost your campaign by adding guaranteed publishing and syndication options


Upload your press release or schedule a consultation with our writing team.

Our Results Speak
for Themselves

PR Fire has helped businesses of all sizes get targeted coverage on high-authority media websites. Our clients come from a wide range of industries including law, finance, SEO, crypto and much more.
Kirsten Bennett
Kirsten BennettLund Bennett Law
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"PR Fire has worked with us over the past 12 months to get our company news out quickly, consistently and without fuss. We trust them to get the most coverage regionally and nationally, and on well-regarded law industry titles. I can't recommend them highly enough"
Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop
The Website App
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"PR Fire was a general pleasure to deal with and we would be happy to produce further work with them."
Casper Schou
Casper Schou
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"Even with the best press release it can be challenging to get the message to the right people. Luckily PR Fire is there to help, and with them we managed to get our news published on several relevant websites. Placing an order is easy and quick and the support team is kind and helpful. We will definitely use PR Fire again in the future!"
Peter Dunbar
Peter Dunbar
Phoenix Arts Club
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"The sure-fire way to have your efforts recognised"
Charles Brecque
Charles Brecque
Legislate Technologies Limited
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"PR Fire is an effective way of distributing your press release cost-effectively. The rewrite service is also a great way for increasing the likelihood of your press release appealing to journalists."

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