If you want to attract visitors to your website, increase the number of orders, introduce your company, and gain new customers, Google’s advertising service Ads can help you. A properly created strategy allows you to optimize costs, while your ad will be displayed to users who’re interested in what you offer.

According to the data of leading expert portals for market research, it’s predicted that by 2021, the percentage of Internet users who’ll buy online is to reach 65.2 %. The figures show that the potential of this market is gigantic.

In order to survive and win in this competitive market, it’s important for sellers to optimize sales. Optimizing sales on the Internet primarily means focusing on highlighting products or services to potential customers before they receive the same or similar competitive offers.

One of the ways to reach a large number of potential customers is to advertise online. There are many tools used for this purpose. Ads, Google’s online advertising service for retailers, is a basic tool.

Why’s Ads a Necessary “Weapon“ to Fight in the Online Market?

Google Ads advertising involves the display of text, image, or video ads on Google, its affiliate networks (websites that aren’t owned by Google but have a partnership, such as YouTube), and Google’s multimedia advertising network (which includes about 2 million websites, videos, and applications).

These ads are shown primarily to users who search for a specific product or service on the Internet or to those who’ve been identified by sellers as the target group to which they want to place ads for their products/services.

How Does This Work in Practice and What Are the Benefits of Advertising Through Ads?

When a user searches on a keyword related to a particular product or service, a Google ad appears in the Google search results advertising the user’s search. One of the main benefits of advertising through Google Ads is that sellers choose when and to whom their ad will be shown. They determine which are the web pages the ad will appear on and in which geographical areas it will appear.

Google and its affiliate networks are searched by over 80% of users worldwide, which means that Ads advertisements can be seen by a much larger number of potential customers than if a product or service is advertised through another medium.

It can be said that the main benefit of this type of advertising is the ability for sellers to place ads only to a specific target group. In this way, there’s no unnecessary waste of funds.

Case Study

To better explain advertising through Google Ads, we’ll use a concrete example. Let’s say a user wants to buy a plane ticket…

The keyword the user typed into the Google search engine is airline tickets. The search engine lists all search results related to airline tickets. The ad of a certain airline, which appeared at the very top of the search for this keyword, is more noticeable to the user compared to other query results. This increases the possibility for the user to go to the website of the company that placed the mentioned ad for airline tickets. By properly conducting this kind of advertising, one can be ahead of the competition.

A little addition to the story… The above-mentioned airline website, or any other e-commerce website, can’t operate without quality hosting let alone to obtain profit from advertising. That’s because websites won’t be visible to prospects without having hosting service secure constant website’s online presence, i.e. prevent crashes, downtimes, and malware intrusions.

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What Advertising on Google Can Get You?

Advertising through Google Ads has many benefits. Some of the main ones are as follows:

  • Attracting attention. Ads draw users’ attention because these ads appear above organic search results. An organic search is a list of web pages that a search engine records on a particular query by relevance. The term “organic“ means that the ads in question aren’t paid. Organic search results don’t have an “Ad“ tag, unlike paid Ads.
  • Control who’ll show ads, when and where. By doing this, sellers ensure that the ad will reach those they consider their target group.
  • More measurable results compared to traditional offline advertising, such as in print media (billboards, flyers, newspaper ads, etc.). The Ads platform can track a large number of parameters such as the number of conversions (for example, the number of sales on the website that have been achieved through ads), the number of ad impressions, the number of clicks on the ad, the Quality Score of the keywords for which the ads are showing (how relevant the ad is to users for the word they entered in the search engine), and many other metrics that help optimize campaigns. More about measuring campaign results can be found on the Google Ads Help page under Mesure Results.
  • Advertising budget control. The budget can be changed at any time, and campaigns and ads can be turned on and off.

Is It Worth Using Ads?

“How much will it all cost?“ you certainly wonder. Take, for example, traditional billboard advertising. Payment is made regardless of whether the ad had an effect or not, which is often very difficult to measure. Although the ad was seen by a large number of people, it’s difficult to determine how many people reacted to the ad itself.

Unlike traditional advertising, Google Ads advertising only pays if someone clicks on the ad, but not for the display of the ad itself. This gives sellers the opportunity to find out that what they have paid has actually been spent on customers who’re interested in their products/services.

Importantly, it’s easy to determine and measure the impact of campaigns by monitoring the parameters that can be seen on the Ads platform. Therefore, advertisers themselves decide how much they want to invest in advertising through Google Ads, knowing that they will have control over their advertising costs and will be able to determine their profitability.

Recorded Examples Speak for Themselves

If there’s still any doubt whether to start with this type of advertising or not, the recorded examples from practice speak eloquently about the impact of advertising through Google Ads on business.

Some, such as Babytown from Singapore (one of the once leading sellers of baby equipment in Asia), managed to double their revenue with advertising via Google Ads. Also, sales on some websites such as Passion Asia Travel from Vietnam (well known Asian hotel reservation website), increased by an incredible 200%, and its traffic by 100%, after they incorporated Google Ads in their business.

E-commerce sellers should understand advertising through Google Ads as a necessary step for the development and continuation of their business on the Internet because the numbers in the examples speak for themselves.