Our Editorial Team

Andrew Young – Editor, SWNS

Andy has overseen countless major stories during a career spanning more than three decades. But that’s no surprise – as the son of the great Daily Mirror journalist Syd Young, Andy has news in his veins. He became one of the UK’s youngest ever staff reporters when he landed a job on the Today newspaper in the mid-80s. He is now a director at SWNS and has helped grow the operation into a nationwide business spanning news, PR and TV.

Contact: andrew.young@prfire.com

Martin Winter – News Editor, SWNS

Martin started his career in journalism early – he was working at SWNS in his school holidays! After becoming chief reporter, he was poached to work on the Daily Mail newsdesk. He brought his invaluable Fleet Street experience back to SWNS and became a director ten years ago. He runs a team of reporters at offices in Bristol, Plymouth, Cambridge, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Contact: martin.winter@prfire.com

Paul Andrews – Deputy News Editor, SWNS

Paul spent several years as a reporter and district editor with SWNS before working as a news and celebrity journalist in Los Angeles with Pacific Coast News. He returned to SWNS where he is now deputy news editor of the group, running a team of reporters across the UK.

Contact: paul.andrews@prfire.com

John Coles – Associate News Editor, SWNS

John is back where he virtually began his journalistic career 30 years ago when he was first with SWNS in its earliest days. In between he gathered over 26 years’ experience in Fleet Street with the Daily Express and The Sun both as district and head office reporters and covered many major national and international stories. He is happiest cycling to the quiz at the Black Horse every Tuesday and nit-picking reporters’ copy.

Contact: john.coles@prfire.com

Laura Elvin – Senior Reporter, SWNS

Laura started her career in journalism at local paper the Leicester Mercury, before moving to the Bristol office at SWNS. She now runs their story-gathering website Sell Us Your Story as well as general reporting and copywriting duties.

Contact: laura.elvin@prfire.com

Izzy Ferris – Reporter, SWNS
Izzy started doing work experience at South West News Service when she was just 14-years-old. After finishing school she chose not to take up a university place and instead joined the SWNS team full time. Wise beyond her tender age, Izzy now works in the Bristol office covering a range of news stories.

Contact: izzy.ferris@prfire.com

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