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11 Shopfitting Tips To Ensure Good Customer Experience At Your New Store

Press Release: February 08, 2021

So you’ve found the perfect location for your shop after weeks of searching. The lease has been signed, and you’re starting to have visions of happy customers and sales through the roof. But how do you make sure to turn that vision into reality especially in places like London where competition is stiff? Here are 11 tips and tricks for shopfitting London for a successful business and memorable customer experience.

Go professional!

One of the best ways to make sure you maximize all the space at your perfect location is to get in touch with a London shopfitting company. They can look at your space and dress it up to feature your products prominently while making sure that your customers feel good when they shop.

Explore and learn

Try going into the many shops found at high streets in London and you will notice a difference in each one. That’s because they’ve tailor-made the shop to match the company brand and the products they’re trying to sell. Take inspiration for others and build something for yourself.


Spaces have to be equipped with the proper furniture so you have a place to put your products and seat customers. Should they be moveable or set in place? Take note of measurements as well.

Let there be light

Lighting is also important because it often sets the mood for a space. Proper lighting can make customers feel at home in your shop and that is always a good thing.

Design with a purpose

Designing a space for functionality is also crucial to drive up revenue. Once inside, the layout can dictate how people move about in your shop. With the right shopfitting London, transactions can be fun and easy, encouraging people to come back.

Prioritize health and safety

When it comes to safety, there are government regulations to be followed to ensure that customers and staff are in a hazard-free zone. It can involve several things

Such as fire escapes and CCTV cameras.

Work within your budget

Shopfitters know that businesses operate on varying budgets so don’t be shy to broach the topic of budget plans. As they said, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Speak out

Shopkeepers should also feel comfortable keeping an open line of communication with the services they hire. Companies know they have to adjust to different tastes and products, so don’t be shy about going through the plans with them.

Step into their shoes

When making plans, try imagining yourself as a customer at your own shop and tell yourself what you would like to see, hear and feel and relay this to your shopfitter.

Promote yourself

It’s easy to get lost in the mix of dozens of stores all fighting for competition. You can consult a London shopfitting company on how best to reflect your brand and image using the shop itself. Whether it’s using the right mixture of colours to installing a glass façade so everyone can see inside, these options are yours if you want it.

Embrace the future

Tech has permeated so many facets of our lives that it even has its place in shopfitting. You can harness technology to your advantage by shortening or organizing queues, to making ordering hassle-free with the use of software, apps, and gadgets.

If you’re ready to transform your space, Ultimate Commercial Contractors Ltd is ready to help. You can pop on over to our website at www.ultimatecontractorsltd.co.uk. We’ve posted photographs of our projects over the years and testimonials from clients who loved our work. Our head office is in London and you can ring us up at 0800 051 8446.

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