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7 Tips On How To Keep Optimal Temperature In Your Warehouse During The Winter

Press Release: December 29, 2020

From making packing and processing more efficient to minimising business risks, having your own warehouse can really be an advantageous thing — except when you don’t know how to keep its optimal temperature come winter season (which can rather be disastrous and costly). When you invest in a warehouse for your business, make sure to tap professionals in heating engineering in Essex to ensure its functionality even when cold months arrive.

In this article, we’re discussing seven tips you need to know on how to achieve this optimal condition.

Strategically plan the design and layout of your warehouse. Any commercial ventilation company in Essex could attest to how crucial having a strategic warehouse layout is. This entails knowing where products should be positioned (especially if they need to be stored in multiple temperature zones), where your employees will be mostly working, and where HVAC units and ventilations should be installed.

Invest in a quality heating system. A warehouse requires a more elaborate heat-generation system than a residential property. To help you in the long run — including when winter comes — you have to invest in an efficiently working, up-to-date heating system. Also take into account the products you’re manufacturing and storing, as well as the length of hours that people work inside your warehouse.

Keep your doors closed. One of the most fundamental things you can do to keep the temperature at its optimal level during winter is to retain heat as much as possible. One simple trick? Keep your warehouse entry points closed whenever possible.

Ensure proper airflow. According to experts in heating engineering in Essex, it can be very challenging to maintain proper airflow inside a warehouse. Failing to do so could lead to letting warm air stay in the upper part of the property and the cool air nearer the surface — where your employees are working. To address this matter, heating pros rely on fans designed to push warm air below and keep a balanced temperature throughout the warehouse.

Place additional heaters in areas where your workers are. As an additional measure to the tip mentioned above, you can also invest in more heaters in the areas of your warehouse where your employees are working. Also make sure that they are regularly serviced especially during your operations’ peak season and before winter.

Make your processes as efficient as possible. Speaking of considering the condition of your workers, you can minimise their risk of having winter-related health issues by making your business processes as efficient as possible. For instance, employing a customised barcode system can decrease or eliminate the need for your workers to browse through your huge inventory of products.

Regularly monitor your warehouse temperature. Having a reliable commercial ventilation company in Essex install a quality HVAC system for your warehouse is just the initial step. For it to be fully optimal even during the winter season, you have to regularly inspect and maintain it — and constantly check your temperature and humidity levels. If your budget permits, it will also be more cost-effective to have your temperature be automated.

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