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9 Things To Look For In A Contractor When You Plan To Renovate Your Home

Press Release: December 20, 2020

If you are planning your next renovation project, then it would help to have a trusted contractor and builders in Boxmoor by your side. Here are 9 things to consider when you’re looking for a builder Boxmoor.

They should understand your end goal

If you are looking for a builder Boxmoor, then you should find someone who is able to understand your end goal. Make sure to provide a complete list of the blueprints of your home, as well as all the needed renovations. This will help them assess and understand what you want to achieve.

Services that fit within your budget

Find services that will fit your budget. However, keep in mind that prices aren’t everything. This is why you should provide a clear description of what you want to achieve so that builders in Boxmoor can provide an accurate bid.

Review their portfolio

Look for builders in Boxmoor that showcase their previous work. This will help you decide whether or not they’re the best to work for you.

Look at their online reviews

Another thing you should consider when finding a builder Boxmoor is their online reviews. See what their past customers and clients think about their work.

Go with someone who has extensive experience

Of course, it’s only right to find someone who has extensive experience. At Barton Corporation Ltd., our construction and building experience date all the way back to the 1950s.

Verify licensing, insurance, and permits

Your builder or contractor should be able to provide all the necessary documents for your renovation project. This includes insurance, permits, and licenses. Furthermore, the insurance should be able to cover all of their workers in the case that someone is injured on your property. This is also a way of protecting yourself. All permits should go through your local government before the project begins.

Have everything in writing

Stemming from the previous point, you should keep all of the necessary documents for the job. Make sure you have everything in writing so it’s a lot handy when disputes arise.

Consider at least 3 to 4 contractors before making a decision

Before saying yes to a contractor, make sure you have interviewed at least 3 to 4 options. This will help you assess the pros and cons of each.

Ask how about their communication preferences

During your interview with the contractors, ask them their communication preferences. Then, ask yourself whether or not this would work for you. Do they like to communicate via phone, e-mail, or do they like to meet in person? It’s best to request at least a weekly in-person meeting for important updates on the renovation project.

With that in mind, Barton Corporation Ltd is here to help you with your renovation project. Visit our website at www.tbcltd.co.uk to check out our services, portfolio of projects, and our online reviews from previous clients. Nonetheless, you can also contact us at 01442 877959 for any questions that you may have.

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