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Advanced Skin Clinic – Clinic for Laser and Beauty Treatments from Licensed Therapists

Press Release: October 25, 2016

Established in 2008, Advanced Skin Clinic is one of the leading skin clinic in the UK. Conveniently located at 8 High St, St Martins in the centre of Stamford, it is within walking distance from train stations. The company is proud to offer beauty service that is both individual and discreet. They have designed their clinic to be an oasis of calm where one can relax in the knowledge that they are in safe hands. The clients can expect highly trained professionals who can help them choose an aesthetic treatment that is right for them and is well within their budget.

Advanced Skin Clinic is committed to providing safe delivery of reasonable expectations. The company provides all information to the clients prior to treatments. The clients see their therapists prior to the treatments in order to counsel them as realistically as possible to foster realistic expectations on the part of the clients. They have large premises, multitude of Laser Hair Removal Peterborough treatments and various therapists for beauty services on duty at any given time for walk-ins as well.

Advanced Skin Clinic offers treatments that are powerful and complex. They can affect real change in your skin since all treatments are approved and reviewed by medical aestheticians beforehand. Apart from therapists being fully certified, they are provided additional training specifically for the machines they operate at the clinic.

The company is continuously upgrading their equipment to be able to offer the newest, safest and the most effective laser and skin treatment systems. They purchase their equipment from the top companies and are regularly maintained and serviced by the original manufacturer. Thus, one can be sure that they would receive the most current treatment available to help get the best result that one would expect from their treatments.

About Us

Advanced Skin Clinic are the leading experts in the science of skin care, anti ageing therapy, laser hair removal and beauty treatments in the UK. The clinic offers a quiet and serene atmosphere when you step into their state of the art facility. The company uses only the newest and the most effective lasers giving its customers the best possible services to help them treat and resolve all of their beauty needs.

To know more about their services and prices or just fix an appointment, you can call 017804 81155 or fill up the form on their website to request a call back. Know more information on http://theadvancedskinclinic.co.uk/.

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