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Are You Overloading Your Sockets? Here Are 7 Signs To Recognize

Press Release: November 23, 2020

According to advocates of electrical safety, electricity is one of the major causes of accidental fires in the United Kingdom. Moreover, 9 of 10 electrical fires are due to electrical products and considerable percentage is due to improperly installed electrical devices. By hiring an electrician in Wimbledon, home fires could be avoided.

What is an overloaded circuit?

An overloaded circuit happens when the electric current that is flowing through the circuit goes beyond the rating of the protective devices. The load or the demand for current should be determined. This is why an electrician Wimbledon will advise that every circuit in a wiring system should be protected against overloads because most homeowners would not typically know the load for current. In the absence of overload protection, wires can get hot and melt the insulation, which would then start a fire. To do this, one must be able to recognize the warning signs before it’s too late.

Learning more about the warning signs to recognize

Blinking, dimming, or flickering lights

Discolored or warm wall plates

Mild shock from switches, receptacles, or appliances

Scorched plugs or outlets

Buzzing outlets and switches

Sufficient power in power tools, electronics, or appliances

Burning smell from wall switches or receptacles

Tips on preventing electrical overloads

According to experts, a good percentage of electrical fires can be prevented by Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. An electrician in Wimbledon would also advise that you must only use the prescribed bulb wattage for your lighting fixtures. Make sure to invest in an electrician Wimbledon to have the light bulbs in your home checked. Remember, using a inappropriate wattage may cost you your life and that of your loved ones.

Of course, hiring an electrician in Wimbledon can greatly help you but it’s also important to know how to not only spot warning signs but what you must do in the event of electrical overloads. Here are the top recommendations of an electrician Wimbledon.

Do’s and Dont’s

Do make sure to use a socket overload calculator. This will allow you to be aware whenever your appliances’ ratings would exceed the load of your socket board.

Do not use multi-outlet converters or extension cords for appliances, in other words, only use one extension per socket.

Do talk with your electrician if there is a need to upgrade your overload protection.

They’ll be able to install the correct rated overload protection devices.

Do not ignore the warning signs. As we mentioned earlier before, circuit breakers tripping at times is common. Once you noticed any of the signs, immediately stop using that particular power point.

Do use a multi-way bar extension lead. Instead, use what is known as a block adaptor.

This will put less strain on the wall sockets of your home.

Do consider adding more wall sockets so you do not have to constantly rely on extension wires or adaptors.

An electrician is your best bet at making sure your home is safe from any possibility of electrical fires. Call SBF Electrical Ltd (0208 075 4674) for your emergency electrical and installation services in and around London!

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