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ArtOfTesting – One Stop Destination for Learning Software Testing

Press Release: March 12, 2021

In this new age of technology, everything is switched to being automated. One such thing is software testing. Manually testing each part of the software is a passé since new automation tools have been introduced. This is where our website the ArtOfTesting comes in. We aim to bridge the gap between the new technologies on software testing and the learners by providing the best of the content.

At ArtOfTesting we have curated the best of the content on and around software testing for technical graduates, job freshers, or anyone with a technical bent of mind. The goal is to prepare each person to face the professional industry in the easiest way possible. Our site has helped thousands of software testers within a span of just a couple of years. 

Although, our focus is to provide content on different automation tools it would be a shame if we don’t provide everything from scratch to our readers. So to help out the absolute beginners we have content on programming languages, an introduction about what testing is, how it is helpful, what are its scopes, and much more. 

People’s passion is always evolving; they do not want to get stuck to one technology or company. Instead, they want to work on something new every time there is a change in the technology and we are saying it with experience, as we see traffic with diverse interests on our page each month. So keeping up with the technology is a must and therefore, there is no dearth of new content on our website. We have a team of QA professionals and content writers who are always researching to keep up with the newest trends, and finding ways to make our content reach anyone out there who needs it.

One interesting thing about ArtOfTesting is our free Selenium tutorials. We have a section of free videos solely dedicated to Selenium. We added this part to make sure the learning momentum is not lost with just boring written content. These videos make sure our presence is not missed in any way. Videos make the learning more fun and interesting as well as more informative. Details have been kept in mind. The videos are made in a way to make sure no details are left and there is no scope of doubts. However, if there are any, you are free to leave your doubts in the comment section and a solution will be provided in the shortest possible time.

Another thing of prominence is our provision of training on automation testing using tools like Selenium. Being in the education business it is our job to come up with ways to increase the software testing community. And to achieve this we have taken the front seat by not just provide content but giving training by experienced QA professionals who have years of experience in the field of software testing. Their personal experiences and tips to become good software testers are something to keep your professional lives going.  

 And to give the finishing touches we have different articles where we cover frequently asked interview questions to make sure no loose threads are left in the learning.

To keep their job skills current QA professionals seek the help of blogs. They keep themselves updated from time to time with the newest technologies. This is why we have blogs for our experienced readers as well. There is everything for everyone.

It brings us immense joy when we see people taking interest in the field of testing and it is no more considered inferior to software development and other parallel fields. Visit our site if you think of exploring the software testing field and we will make sure you are not leaving empty-handed.

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