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Aspire factory AIC Raise Backed Startup world’s most cost-effective sanitisation chamber from Coimbatore

Press Release: August 01, 2020

Coimbatore, India,  30 July 2020 —  AspireFactory a Startup AIC Raise, Supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog from Coimbatore has developed the world’s most cost-effective sanitisation chamber. The chamber uses UVC light to clean the pathogens in handbags, laptop bags and packaged food.


The cost of the devices varies from INR 1700 to INR 6000. There are also retrofit kits where household products can be retrofitted with the kits and converted and used as UVC sanitisation chambers. The time required to sterilise the items vary from 5 minutes to 22 minutes. The products were developed with the car shed as their workshop area and the balcony as the discussion room. They also have a couple of volunteering interns who are with them throughout their journey


The team is looking to create a Sustainable Technology Ecosystem by training teams across the country from Self-help Groups to young startups in developing the chambers and selling them in the local markets. This way there is a livelihood created and the solution is also made available in a cost-effective manner across various places.


The chamber can be used to sanitise daily use objects to kill pathogens. The objects like bags, mobile phones, wallets, packaged food, etc can be cleaned with ease.

The AIC Raise invites partnerships from institutes and Self Help Groups to collaborate and develop the products. The development teams will be given assistance in marketing and sales need a generation to sell their products and transform them into successful businesses.


The team of engineers have been working on Engineering Design projects as well which will be released in the forthcoming months. The advanced developments are happening at FabLab Coimbatore, rapid prototyping in partnership with AIC Raise.


Naveen Krishnamurthy, CEO of Aspire Factory told that this is a small step towards aatma nirbhar bharat, as they used upcycled materials and also we could develop rural assembly centres across the nation, to cater to global demand. The UV Dosth is completely modular and the aspire factory will provide skill development training with tools which are locally available to build these products. 


Dr. Madan A Sendhil, CEO & Director, told that AIC Raise will take this to the next level by manufacturing OEM for the healthcare companies, such kind of product is need of hour at this pandemic. 


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