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Beachin’ in style with Colombianas: Not only a hat but wearable art for your head

Press Release: April 21, 2020

With the summer season around the corner, it’s time to treat you with a piece of the unique signature line of the Colombianas, genuine hand-painted straw hats flown in right from the shores of Colombia, a country that's renowned for its artistic talents.


Colombia/Dubai: Just in time for the start of the summer season, Colombianas launched its online shop in the Middle East to make their quirky beach hats available to all the sun-loving fashionistas in the region. With summer holiday plans being at stake, Colombianas is delivering a piece of Caribbean flair right to your doorstep.  The only thing contagious about those hats is the good vibes they are spreading all around the wearer, who is guaranteed to be quite the eyecatcher. All of Colombianas’ unique and colorful designs are inspired by the tropical lifestyle of Colombia’s coastal regions and will be just the icing of the cake to any great summer outfit.

For all those looking for the extra portion of individuality to express their personality through a statement piece of wearable art, we have good news. Colombianas has teamed up with the talented Dubai based artist Ella Orenchillo to create stunning one of a kind designs.


Art and the finest craftsmanship combined under one hat


The Colombianas hat collection consists of carefully curated designs that are executed by a team of local artisans. But Colombianas handcrafted hats are not only beautiful pieces of art to wear on your head, by buying one, but you are also creating an impact in Colombia by supporting the most talented artisans and artists of mostly rural societies in a country, that is still struggling to recover from over 50 years of civil war.


“Wherever you turn to look in Colombia, life is colorful and full of culture and art. When you’re walking down the paved streets of Cartagena with its pastel-colored buildings to the blooming pink Bougainvillea trees, you are immediately drawn into the beauty and vibrancy of the city. You can still see that the country and its people have been through a lot in the past but you can feel the gratitude and joy for life everywhere”, says Alexandra Kraft, Founder of the Colombianas brand.


The birth of unique fashion items of art


In a corner street café in Cartagena, while sipping on an aromatic cup of Colombian brewed coffee, overlooking the vibrant way of life all around, the Colombianas brand was envisioned. There could be no better choice than Colombia as the originating country for Colombianas, the people here are gifted with indigenous artistic talents that have been passed on from generation to generation. The colorful designs are a true reflection of the Colombian culture, and their zest for life is evident in the pieces they create.


“It is fascinating how deeply artistic talents are rooted in Colombia’s history and families. We love art and we love Colombia. Our mission is to support this country’s artistic talents and show the whole world the richness and beauty of Colombia”, Kraft continues.    


Wear art on your head and make a statement 


The Colombianas brand was started by Alexandra Kraft because of her love and appreciation for all things bold and beautiful. She curated a signature line of handcrafted hats that combine practicality, style, and art. Each piece is unique, protects you from the sun, is a guaranteed eye-catcher wherever you go and supports a country, where art has always played an important role.


About Colombianas


The handcrafted hats can be ordered online at https://colombianas-hats.com/. If you want to be one of the first fashionistas to wear this stylish Summer 2020 Must-have on your head you better act quick because there are only limited quantities of the first-ever Colombianas collection available. The wearable piece of art costs 85USD. Colombianas offers various payment methods as well as welcoming customer inquiries and assistance to make sure you get the perfect hat with the perfect fit.


For more information check the Website https://colombianas-hats.com/ or follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mycolombianas and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mycolombianas.


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