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Bedsure Announces Live Festivals on TikTok in the UK

Press Release: December 16, 2021

Bedsure, a leading home textile manufacturer with products sold to over 15 million customers worldwide, announces two upcoming Live Festivals on TikTok for customers in the UK. The two Live Festivals will consist of a football-themed at 9:00 pm on December 16th, as well as a Boxing Day themed at 9:00 pm on December 25th. During the Live Festivals, Bedsure staff and affiliates will interact with customers, answer questions, and showcase Bedsure’s holiday gift options and Flash Sales deals for all customer groups.
Bedsure plans to offer several exclusive events and deals during the Live Festivals, including limited flash sales, giveaways, and bigger-than-ever-before discounts at 50% off or above. In addition, Bedsure will also team up with TikTok and provide qualifying customers with a £3 coupon on orders £5 or more. These offers will be available for all TikTok customers in the UK. 
Some of the highlighted Flash Sales deals include the winter essential Bedsure Fleece Snuggle Wearable Blanket, a flannel fleece blanket with wizardry sleeves and pockets, providing customers with warms and mobility altogether. With the retail price of £23.99, customers will be able to purchase theirs for as little as  £7.80. 
Bedsure also plans to offer pet products as part of the Flash Sales deals. The Bedsure Cat Tent, for example, provides younger felines and canines with an extra sense of security and cozy nights of sleep. Originally offered at  £21.99, the Cat Tent can be bought for just 8.8 during the Flash Sale. 
The Flash Sales deals will offer products across multiple product categories, including blankets, duvet covers, comforters, and more. These Flash Sales deals are available in limited supply, first come, first serve. Those of Amazon’s Best Sellers or Amazon’s Choice will also be further subsidized by TikTok
In addition, Bedsure will also be giving away Bedsure Satin Pillowcases to randomly selected lucky customers who leave comments on the Livestream. The Bedsure Satin Pillowcase is one of Bedsure’s most popular products with over 25,000 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.7 stars in rating.
Finally, Bedsure routinely recruits members into the Bedsure Coziness Officer program among its existing social media followers. Those who follow Bedsure on TikTok will also have the chance to join the program and receive free products for testings.
Bedsure’s effort on TikTok aims to strengthen its current marketing and social media outreach while establishing a dedicated communication channel directly to the customers in the UK. The new channel on TikTok establishes a direct communication channel between the brand and the customers. Bedsure plans to share content, including product tips, tutorials, lifehacks, styling guides, and more regularly on TikTok. Customers in the UK who are already on TikTok can follow, share, and interact with Bedsure on TikTok by the handle of @bedsurehome_uk. 

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