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BetterPoints Introduces an Incentive Programme for Birmingham Commuters

Press Release: August 17, 2015

The popular BetterPoints app is rolling out an exciting new sustainable transport and commuting programme called BetterCommute. In partnership with Centro, Sustrans, Birmingham Cycle Revolution and others, we’re giving you a BetterPoints boost each time you make a better commuting choice!

Earn points each time you commute sustainably in and around Birmingham. This includes car sharing, cycling, walking, running, or taking the bus, tram or train. Users receive ‘BetterPoints’ in recognition of their activities, our form of community currency which can be used to purchase a number of online rewards including vouchers from Amazon, M&S and Boots and an increasing number of local businesses. Alternatively, users can choose to donate their BetterPoints to their favourite charities.

You can collect up to 200 BetterPoints each time you log your commute.

Dr Steve McCabe, Director of Research Degrees at BCU, and Senior Lecturer Tony Birch will be working on the evaluation of the software to find out what sort of impact the app is having on people’s behaviour. The University is a partner in the BetterPoints project which is being funded by Climate-KIC, the EU’s main environmental initiative.
Flora Champetier, Deputy EU Funding Manager, explains: “We hope this project will have a real impact on how people interact with their communities and the environment. What the app is aiming to do is encourage more people to undertake activities that will benefit both themselves and the community.”

For more information, please visit https://bettercommute.betterpoints.uk

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