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Book Launch on Hand Block Printing

Press Release: April 29, 2020

This month came out to be the longest weekend of this century with a complete lockdown in India. Using this opportunity, Srishti Textile renewed one of their former pretexts on Hand Block Printing Industry written by Founder - Haridwar Sharma and Deepak Sharma.
Now, the company has relaunched the book under the title "A Textbook on Hand Block Print" on various online platforms so the upcoming generation of Fashion Designers and enthusiastic can learn the history and art of Textile Development.
Introduction to Hand Block Print
Now as we proceed to the introduction of Hand Block Print Art, we would like you to first understand the word "Chappai". Chappai is the Hindi word for impression printing. As suggested this word indicate to print something using a pre-defined impression. So, in Hand Block Printing Art we impose a pre-carved wooden block over the fabric sheet which results in the creation of design over it. 
This technique is centuries older than most of the global known parameters and was once only accessible to the royals or the nobles. But now as the production is scaled – the Block Printed products are available to all sections of people. Here, at Srishti Textile – we design and create 1000s of design and colour combination, every year, to meet the current market demands. Also, these demands come mostly from India, European and American markets.

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