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Brantano (UK) Ltd Uses Unisto's Re-usable Electronic Seals for Increased Security

Press Release: April 19, 2010

Brantano (UK) Ltd has selected Unistos award-winning, electronic seals to increase the security of its UK deliveries. The Crypta 2K seals have been fitted to its fleet that is operated for the company by Frans Maas UK Ltd.

Previously, single use plastic seals had been used to seal the vehicles between deliveries but the company felt that these were too easy to be circumvented, compromising the security of the goods. The new Crypta seals offer the highest level of indicative security backed up by advanced electronics that automatically generate a four- digit, random seal number that is stored in memory. This can be checked at any time by pressing a button and, if unchanged, means that the load is still secure as a new number is generated for every closing.

The seals are ideal for our operation, explained Paul Spencer, Transport and Contract Manager at Frans Maas. Not only do they provide a high level of security but they also make the day-to-day running of the fleet easier because we dont have to maintain secure supplies of disposable seals at every delivery location to replace each seal as it is used or give drivers bags of new seals to carry around. The drivers, in particular, welcome the new sealing system as it means that they are completely removed from the process of securing the load so that they can be automatically eliminated from any investigations of loading irregularities or theft of goods.

The units are fully sealed to prevent ingress from water, dirt or salt, which can create havoc with mechanically-based sealing systems. The built-in battery is designed to last for five years longer than the average payback period of under four years based on the savings in disposable seal costs.

Peter Towers, Warehouse and Logistics Manager at Brantano (UK) Ltd, added, Changing to the Crypta seals has proved to a very popular move for everyone. Security levels have increased. The seals with their built-in illuminated displays are easy to read whatever the lighting conditions so no fumbling around with a torch in the dark. And they are easy to use just press a button rather than having to find some tool to break off the plastic seal which inevitably ended up on the floor.

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