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Caddick Davies Solicitors Offers Services of Expert Drink Driving Solicitors in the UK

Press Release: August 05, 2020

Caddick Davies Solicitors provides comprehensive advice, guidance and legal representation for the successful defence of motorists who feel they have been falsely accused of drink driving offences in the UK.

For many motorists, facing a drink driving charge can be daunting. If you are arrested by the police on a drink driving charge, the expert advice of a specialist drink driving solicitor can save your driving license and secure the best possible outcome. Caddick Davies Solicitors has a team of expert drink driving solicitors to offer legal guidance and representation in all major cities in England and Wales.

Drink driving is considered to be one of the most serious motoring offences in the UK and penalties can be very severe. Depending on the particular circumstances of the case, punishments upon successful conviction can range from significant monetary penalties and community order to time in prison and disqualification from driving. If you are being investigated for being charged for a drink driving offence, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a drink driving solicitor at the earliest in order to secure a favourable legal outcome.

Caddick Davies Solicitors has a team of specialist lawyers with years of experience in representing individuals facing drink driving charges. Speaking to this reporter, the spokesperson of Caddick Davies Solicitors remarked, “Early expert advice is imperative to securing best possible outcomes in drink driving cases. We are specialists in motoring law and have a team of dedicated drink driving solicitors to advise, guide and represent clients involved in drink driving cases. We have an enviable record of successfully defending motorists who feel they have been falsely accused of drink driving offences. We are fully prepared to provide high-quality advice and legal representation to anyone who feels they have been wrongly accused of drink driving offences.”

The process from arrest to charge and conviction is technical and complex. Common drink-driving offences include drunk in charge and failing to provide an evidential specimen. The specialist drink driving solicitors at Caddies Davies Solicitors will explore the intricacies of the charges with you and provide you with honest, pragmatic advice. The initial consultation is free of cost and without obligation. During the initial consultation, motorists are asked to provide details about their drink driving case and are encouraged to speak about other relevant issues. At the very outset, a drink-driving solicitor at Caddick Davies Solicitors will propose a tailored strategy to defend you against charges.

When asked about fees, the representative of Caddick Davies Solicitors had this to say, “Transparency and honest pricing are crucial aspects of the services provided by Caddick Davies Solicitors. In most cases, we work on a fixed fee basis wherein we factor all the work required for a particular case. However, in more complex cases, we sometimes work on an hourly basis. We provide an estimate of our fees during the initial consultation and clients can be assured that there are no hidden fees for our services.” For more information, please visit https://www.motordefencelawyers.co.uk or call 03334 432366.

About: Caddick Davies Solicitors are an experienced team of specialist motoring defence lawyers offering services in a wide variety of cases including speeding offences, drink driving offences, road traffic sign offences, new driver motoring offences and driving without insurance offences among others. Caddick Davies Solicitors provide nationwide representation in the UK and offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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