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Carol Joy London launches Pure Collagen Spray: is this the breakthrough in anti-aging skincare we’ve been waiting for?

Press Release: October 14, 2016

We’ve all heard of it, but what is collagen and why is it so important? The structure of skin is held together by complex collagen constructions. In fact, collagen is the main structural component in the body’s connective tissue and accounts for up to 35% of the entire body’s protein content. The 3D network of collagen helixes directly influences the external appearance of the skin due to its role as a structural protein within living tissue.
Skin collagen production declines at a rate of approximately 1% per year after the age of 30. This depletion can occur at an even younger age depending on a number of factors such as genetics. Depletion of collagen means a reduction in skin firmness and plumpness as the skin’s underlying structure diminishes over time. We all want to look young for longer and it seems collagen is the gateway to youthful and radiant skin for longer.
In recent years, contemporary approaches to cosmetics and skincare have recognised the effects of collagen. Alongside this, the discovery of biologically active peptides opens up further a variety of opportunities regarding the application of this protein within the beauty industry. The way forward involves products and treatments that directly impact the skin’s collagen production in order to keep skin looking fresh.
Skincare companies have been using collagen in face creams and serums for years now, but not one has tapped into a collagen so potent that it achieves visibly instant and transformational results… until now.
Carol Joy London has developed a unique collagen technology derived from Medical Grade Collagen. This medicinal collagen is routinely used in medical industry to treat burns victims as a result of its regenerative and repairing effects.
Their newly launched product is the Pure Collagen Spray or as it has been heralded, a ‘facial in a can’. A world first, this anti-aging spray contains collagen derived from the medical grade protein used in burns recovery. Carol Joy London advise using the spray on the face and décolletage to boost cell activity and leave the skin refreshed, revitalised, and luminous. Instantly.
The Pure Collagen Spray contains soluble collagen and collagen peptides. The soluble fibres infuse moisture into the upper levels of the epidermis and the collagen peptides regenerate the skin while stimulating cell metabolism.

STATISTICS: Skin texture efficacy – improves skin texture by up to 34%
Skin smoothing efficacy – improves skin smoothness by up to 26%
Wrinkle smoothing efficacy – reduction in wrinkles improves by up to 25%
Results included 95% of users confirming more revitalised skin, 90% more moisturised skin, and 85% reported a more even skin tone.

Carol Joy London is a luxury skincare, haircare, and spa treatment brand, born in Britain out of one woman’s quest for the answer to age defying skincare. The founder, Carol Joy Hatton, travelled the world and invested over £10m into discovering her solution. She returned to the UK armed with Refined Golden Millet Oil and Pure Medical Grade Collagen. With expertise drawn from leading Swiss manufacturing and German engineering, combined with quintessential British refinement and service, a skincare collection was sympathetically created to allow all women to recapture their skin’s vitality and radiance.
Carol Joy London’s flagship hair salon is located at The Dorchester on Park Lane, where they also provide the hotel’s signature facials. Behind the façade of tradition that exudes from The Dorchester hotel, the services on offer utilise pioneering techniques and ingredients including Hyperbaric Oxygen, Pure Collagen, Caviar Algae and 24 Carat Gold, combined with Myofascial massage, Nourishing Steam and Diamond Microdermabrasion.
Carol Joy London also operates in premier locations on an international scale including Fairmont Monte Carlo, Four Seasons Hong Kong, and The St Regis Dubai, to name just a few.


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