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Celebrate New Year this year with cheap flights to Manila

Press Release: December 07, 2009

Celebrate this New Year and Christmas by planning an international holiday, it will be fun. For your holidays race for cheap airfares for flights to Manila has begun now. Cheap flights to manila has announced the latest airfares with the leading airlines with low airfares.

Apart from celebrating Christmas and New Year, you can do various other things in Manila. It offers beautiful sightseeing of its historical landmarks with beautiful weather conditions.

Airlines providing low airfares for flights to Manila shown below, fares shown with these airlines are from London

Kuwait Airways: Kuwait Airways held the first rank in providing cheap air tickets. You can reach Manila in just 365GBP. It is one of the best airlines offering low fares with good services. This airline is also allowing 30KG of economy class baggage. Business and first class fares with this airline are also not very high.

KLM: KLM holds the second position in the priority list of airlines. With KLM you can reach Manila for just 375GBP. KLM offers similar fares from other cities like Birmingham, Edinburgh, New Castle and Manchester.

Royal Brunei: You can fly in just 440GBP with Royal Brunei. Business class fares with this airline are also very cheap, 1425GBP.

Malaysia Airlines: Fly for just 445GBP with Malaysia Airlines from London to Manila along good baggage allowance, business class fare is 2950GBP

Qatar Airways: Economy class fare with Qatar Airways is 499GBP with 30KG baggage and business class fare is 1809GBP. All the airfares are exclusive taxes and subject to changes.

You come across the various deals of cheap flights to Manila in December and mid of December. But the deals will be very high and above your budget. You wont be able to get the cheap deal of flights to Manila.

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