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Chaser releases debt collections services market to bring an alternative option to UK SMEs

Press Release: February 04, 2021

LONDON, 4 February 2021 -- Chaser, the global credit control automation and services provider, today announced another significant step on the journey to improving the lives of small and medium businesses, by introducing a debt collections service.  

Using Chaser’s automated credit control software themselves, businesses have chased over £3 billion worth of invoices to date, with an over 80% success rate. For the customers who can’t or won’t pay, Chaser Collections offers the opportunity for businesses to distance themselves from the collections process and benefit from the clout of a third party without having to worry about the customer being harassed and losing repeat business. 

Chaser Collections’ team uses the automation and personalisation tools within Chaser, meaning the user has full visibility over all communications. Combined with in-app insights, Chaser Collections’ team carries out debt collections while remaining sensitive to issues the customer may be facing, working to find a solution that suits both the business and the customer. 

This allows users to escalate an invoice in just three clicks. It also removes the need for a lengthy handover between the business and the Collector team as all communications and background information on the customer are stored within the app already. It is priced separately from Chaser’s credit control software, meaning users only pay for what they use, and pricing is split into three tiers depending on the activity required to get the invoice paid. 

Sonia Dorais, CEO of Chaser said: “After piloting this new service for 6 months, and obtaining increased demand from customers, Chaser Collections was the natural nextstep for Chaser to continue to achieve our mission to get paid in an efficient and friendly way so that they improve cash flow.” 

More information can be found here or by signing up for the webinar here


Chaser Technologies Limited helps small and mid-size businesses get paid sooner with its award-winning payment chasing automation platform, debt collections services and outsourced credit control services. Since launching in 2014, Chaser has been dedicated to solving this late payment problem for all businesses that sell on payment terms. By sending automatic and intelligent reminders, the software and service provider effectively gets invoices paid on time without losing the human touch. To date, Chaser has helped users chase over £3 billion in overdue invoices. 

Chaser was named the Accounting Excellence ‘Cloud App of the Year’ three years in a row (2017, 2018, and 2019), Xero’s ‘App Partner of the Year’ (2016), and App Partner of the Month (August 2019).


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