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College Student Launches Affordable Decor Startup

Press Release: May 20, 2020

Highland Park, Illinois, USA based roombodi LLC is pleased to announce its launch on April 5, 2020. roombodi is a room and dorm decor destination with a mission of providing affordable decor solutions for trendy young women. Founder Natalie Laky, a student at Columbia University, says “In 2019, I both furnished my college dorm room for the first time and redecorated my room at home, and I definitely spent way too much money. I didn't get a lot of decor pieces but still ended up spending hundreds of dollars on mediocre-quality decor.”


Recognizing the need for room decor that students can actually afford, Laky says “Frustrated with the lack of affordable room decor options for young women, I decided to launch roombodi in order to give girls a way to redecorate their rooms without breaking the bank.”


roombodi carries hundreds of room decor items, from bedding sets to posters to storage and more. Not only is there an enormous range of design styles, but roombodi organizes products into curated collections to make cohesive decoration more accessible. Laky says, “When I heard that some parents are paying thousands of dollars to hire interior designers for their daughters’ dorm rooms, I realized that having a gorgeously decorated room shouldn’t be reserved for those with the extreme privilege of having an interior designer. I source products from all around the world and have a sharp eye for design, which you can take advantage of by checking out roombodi's curated decor collections.”


These collections cover a wide range of aesthetics, from the feminine “Haute Couture Collection” to the academic “Classics Collection” to the edgy “Spooky Collection”. Laky says “I’m tired of the marketing discourse in the decor industry that tells girls that the only acceptable aesthetics are pink, purple, light blue, and sparkles.” Indeed, roombodi carries a number of products made for young feminists to declare their support of the movement, like a Rosie the Riveter poster and a cheeky pillowcase reading “Nasty Woman.”


roombodi also recognizes the tremendous impact of COVID-19 on consumers’ shopping habits. Laky says, “People are looking to order more items online, and to spend thoughtfully. As many students’ summer jobs and internships are getting cancelled, it’s not reasonable to expect these young women to purchase forty-dollar pillowcases, especially since most of these overpriced items were originally manufactured for a fraction of that price.” With that example, note that almost roombodi retails almost all of their pillowcases for ten dollars or less.


Laky says “Everyday, I am growing and learning with roombodi, and am excited for what lies in roombodi's future. Here's a sneak peek: augmented reality product experiences, a personalized style quiz, and pop-up stores.”

Visit roombodi at roombodi.com, on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or through support@roombodi.com.

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