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Contactless and Social Distance Hotel Management Are Starting!

Press Release: June 01, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic, there will be various changes in our living spaces and habits. As the tourism season is about the start, international guidelines about the changes at the hotels are being published.


Contactless and social distance hotel management will become a common implementation around the world. Hotels will utilise mobile technologies to keep the social distance between the guests and hotel staff to ensure minimum contact.


icibot Sales Marketing Director Bahadır Çakar explained how to use the technology developed for the hotels and why this technology is important in the normalisation process:


“After COVID-19, technological investments of the hotels are increasing around the world. icibot is a strong technology that has been offered to the hotels not only in Turkey but in 20 countries across 4 continents. Especially with this period, we have significantly increased our cooperation and the number of hotels we are working in various countries.


We are implementing a technology which guests will no longer need any face-to-face meeting or contact with the hotel staff from check-in to check-out processes, complete check-in processes online, learn more about the hotel, learn about the hotel activities via a mobile application and book any field to benefit from special services. “


Contactless room entry


Guests can complete the “check-in” process before arriving at the hotel or when they are close to the hotel by using the hotel mobile application on their smartphones. If the hotel door system and technology are appropriate, guests can directly open the room doors with the mobile application without needing the room key. 


No more printed materials in the hotel rooms!


The main sensitivity in this new period is being contactless. Guests will experience the “minimum contact” possible at the hotels. In this context, there will no longer be printed materials in the rooms to inform the guests or these materials will be single-use materials that will lead to significant cost and paper waste. Instead, mobile applications will replace these materials.


All services will be monitored on the mobile application.


Guests can demand “housekeeping, room supplies, problems, room service and complaint” services via mobile application without interacting with any hotel staff. 




A la Carte restaurants and special area reservations will be contactless!


Guests can book all special area entrances inside the hotel with the mobile application. High-capacity resort hotels will use reservation systems in many areas including the main restaurants to maintain the social distance.


Special services and Premium services will be sold on the mobile application


Various special services such as “pavilion, special day celebration, cabana, car rental, transfer, boat tour, private tours” which are the extra services in the hotels will be exhibited on the mobile application and these services can easily be sold when the guests demand.


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icibot, one of the most preferred contactless customer relations solution, generates special solutions for all international hotel chains, city hotels, boutique hotels and resort hotels during COVID-19 process.

icibot is an integrated SaaS solution enabling omnichannel guest relations management such as a mobile, intranet, kiosk, TV, Messenger in 4 continents and more than 20 countries.




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