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Creative Enyzmes Found Many Diseases Can Cause the High Alkaline Phosphatase Level

Press Release: April 18, 2016

Scientists in Creative Enzymes studied further influence of some diseases in the alkaline phosphatase release. These diseases include gastrointestinal disease, infections, bone disease and medications. This news is mainly concerned why these diseases should be factors leading the release of alkaline phosphatase, which is a kind of enzyme found throughout the body, such as liver, bile ducts and bones.

Gastrointestinal disease
Through the research of scientists in Creative Enzymes, they studied the relationship between gastrointestinal disease and the high level of alkaline phosphatase based on the finding from “Harrison’s Principle of Internal Medicine”. Cholecystits, inflammation of the gallbladder, gallstones and other diseases can also raise the level of alkaline phosphatase, which can also be found in the intestines. A punctured or perforated bowel can increase the level of blood enzymes. And then diseases related to liver will increase the blood level.

All kinds of infections, such as infections of the gallbladder, infections of bone, can lead to the release of alkaline phosphatase. What’s more, it will be very easy for this enzyme increase with large scale infections. Among these infections, sepsis is not only an aggressive immune response, but also a condition of widespread infection, which will lead to the release of cellular enzymes, in which alkaline phosphatase is included.

Bone disease
Bone disease is also a wide-spread diseases, especially among the old. There is also the high level alkaline phosphatase. Diseases that can damage bones are also related to the release of alkaline phosphatase in the blood. These diseases include primary bone cancer, metastatic bone cancer and broken bone and osteoporosis.

Some medications and some antibiotics are also associated with the high level of alkaline phosphatase. Such as the estrogens found in oral contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy and erythromycin.

These are partial research information about the alkaline phosphatase. Creative Enzymes is also working on researching its related field, such as the serum alkaline phosphatase.

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