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CSZ Revamps its Cutting Edge Score Reporting

Press Release: September 06, 2019

County Sports Zone (CSZ) is revamping their already popular sports scores reporting website by taking consumer feedback and a structuring an invigorating new experience.

When you visit a website, you want the ability to interact with a user-friendly database while making navigation an effortless action. With the new direction, CSZ consumers will see a completely revamped front-end website, which includes a sharper look and feel, a more user-friendly experience, various font changes, and new color schemes, capped off with a brand new logo design.

One of the most important parts of this launch is the insertion of a RESTful API. This feature establishes a set of rules that developers follow when they create their API. This will have the ability to provide others with CSZ data, along with allowing the system to becomes 3x-5x faster, all while maintaining the ability to add new software products on top of CSZ data (school duels the game, CSZ app, a real-time scoring app that reports directly to the website from the scorer’s table, etc).

At the moment, CSZ covers the Maryland area, but they are always looking to expand. By inserting an all-new database they will be able to do just that. They will now be able to open up their scoring functionality to new regions and various other sports.

Jake Shipley, a spokesperson for CSZ, is excited about this expansion. “We feel we have a product that not only is one of a kind, but one that is necessary for all high school sports families. The changes we are making will make newspaper scoring systems a thing of the past. CSZ gives you access where no one else can. “

Grabbing every score, from every game (Varsity, JV, Freshman), from every high school was the preliminary goal of County Sports Zone. Now that they exceeded those expectations in the state of Maryland, they are concentrated on making themselves a valuable resource to high school sports communities in every jurisdiction. No other media outlet even attempts what County Sports Zone has succeeded in doing. Instead, they are all trying to catch up!

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