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Eight Workshop Storage Ideas for Cutting Down the Clutter in Your Home 

Press Release: April 29, 2021

If you are looking for ways to organize the clutter in your home office, here are some of the best workshop storage ideas that will help your clean your space in no time. Some of these ideas include DIYs, while others require a little more handiwork - but they will definitely make your craft room or workshop production more productive. 

The pandemic has inspired a lot of us to get reacquainted with our old hobbies, talents and explore new opportunities. Many of us have also started our own small businesses. So, if you are one of them, and now a year into living indoors your storage space is exhausted, we have some home storage ideas that will help you organize your space. 

It is a scientifically proven fact that people feel more relaxed and are more productive when their workspaces are well-organized and clean. Hence, a well-organized space is absolutely necessary, if you are spending a lot of time in your small craft room or workshop at your home. 

These home storage tips will not only help you reduce clutter but create more workable space. You will also be able to access your stuff easily, without spending hours searching for a brush or a paint bottle when everything is organized and at its assigned spot. 

1. Try a Pegboard

There is nothing more versatile than pegboards when it comes to organizing any place. Be it your home, office, or workshop, every room needs a pegboard for neatly organizing all the odds and ends that fill up the surfaces. Pegboards are easy to find and are available in a variety of designs on home decor stores online. They are great for hanging tools, clothes, and other accessories. 

2. Wall Pockets

One thing most of us struggle with while setting up home offices is the piles of files and work documents. Wall pockets are a great solution for organizing these files and keeping the desk and surfaces in the craft room empty. You can also find some designs that come with multiple pockets and hooks online, on CASA DECOR for creating extra storage space. 

3. Build a Space for Holding Bottles and Cans

Most craft rooms involve a lot of paint bottles and spray cans, which can take up a lot of space. So, creating a separate space for these cans is a great idea for keeping them organized and easily accessible. You can build these holders by simply using plywood and sectioning it into small compartments and install it on your shelve or keep it on your desk. Scattered paint bottles and cans have a tendency of looking cluttered but this storage DIY hack is anything but messy.

4. Create a Place for Notes

When you run a small business, you do everything on your own, or with little to no help, which also includes tracking the client orders and making to-do lists. Using sticky notes can work in the initial days however; soon when your business flourishes your space can get covered in colorful notes. Don’t worry we have the perfect solution, just include a clipboard on one of your walls and dedicate it to organizing notes while you work. However, make sure to throw the notes as you are done with the tasks to avoid confusion and keep the clipboard organized. 

5. Invest in Portable Trolleys

Portable trolleys are great for storing everyday craft supplies and work necessities like documents. They offer a multipurpose storage solution, and you can move the trolley to any corner whenever you want. They also come in multiple levels offering extra space for storage, which you can arrange stuff based on what you use more frequently.

6. Storage Containers

We can’t talk about home storage hacks without mentioning storage containers. Storage boxes are inexpensive, compact, and very functional when it comes to organizing and storing all expensive the brushes and tools. You can buy a bunch of boxes in different sizes and mark them with name tags for creating a home for all the knickknacks in your craft room.

7. Add Magnets

If you constantly forget to put your metal supplies back at their place, explore the trending magnet strip hack on TikTok. You simply have to put a couple of magnet strips on a wooden plank and attach it to your wall. This will create a cool space for you to hang your metal tools. You can attach hooks on the wooden board to hang tools made from other materials. 

8. Utilize Your Corners and Walls

If your craft room is short on storage space, don't neglect the corners or your walls. Create extra room in your space using corner stands and wall shelves. Wooden storage shelves are great for storing tools, paint, and other supplies. They are also great for decorating and organizing home offices. So, make the most of these corners and shelves.

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