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Famous Betting Scandals

Press Release: November 16, 2020

Famous betting scandals

There are a lot of scandals in the gambling world. Some of them are associated with bots, others with hacker attacks and hacking, and still others with spyware. All these dangers indicate one thing: you need to be careful when playing online for real money. And if you are an owner or a representative of an online casino, then you need to get rid of fraud by buying legal and well-protected software. For example, the Nuxgame B2B games provider offers the API integration of software recognized by international online betting commissions.

Everyone knows that it is best to learn not from your own but from others' mistakes. That is why we have compiled a selection of the most famous gambling scandals that have occurred over the past few years.

UВ, superusers and Absоlute Poker

The heyday of the online poker boom fell just at the moment when gamblers, taught by bitter experience, began to suspect that something strange was happening to the then-popular Absolute poker portal. The gamblers conducted their own investigation and found out empirically that there is a fraudster in the site administration.

However, at first, no one believed them. On the contrary, players talking about a dishonest insider were accused of ineptly playing. All were sure that these gamblers are bad players, and no one is fooling them. But after a while, these accusations had to be taken seriously. A deception was revealed that the site's administration was involved in a fraud, and the head of the organization has launched it.

A few weeks later, a real scandal related to superusers thundered around "Absolute Poker." A wave of indignation hit the related site "Ultimate Bet Poker." An investigation took place, during which it turned out that both sites used a sophisticated scheme of deception. It allowed the administration to get data from the cards of the players. This scheme was invented by none other than the founder of WSOP, Rus Hamilton. The amounts lost due to fraud were enormous. The "Ultimate Bet Poker" website alone has lost more than $ 20 million.

The scandalous events associated with these sites led to the general caution with which users now enter online poker.

Full Tilt Poker scandal

To date, the long scandal around the virtual poker room "Full Tilt Poker" is almost over. Among all online poker players, this case is considered the most painful. It has hit almost everyone involved in online poker.

We have "Black Friday" – this is the day of household sales, and in America, this is now the name of the day when all American sites with virtual poker rooms were subjected to serious problems. On this day, charges were brought against the very popular poker room "Full Tilt Poker." It turned out that the management of the poker room was not playing an entirely fair game. As a result of the scandal, the site owes all poker players one hundred and fifty million dollars. At the same time, the portal tried to continue its daily work.

Then the fun began. It turned out that the site's administration did not have the financial means to pay off everyone to whom they owed. All this happened for a simple reason: over the course of several years, the site's management appropriated millions that did not belong to them at all. Such actions have made a huge financial hole in the portal. At the same time, the site allowed all users to make deposits.

Today the scandal is considered almost resolved. The site's management started paying. True, very slowly. How long gamblers have to wait for their money – no one knows for sure.

Scandal around multi-accounting

The usernames ZeeJustin and JJPrоdig became famous due to the scandal. These users were the first to hack online poker software and decided to make easy money from it. More precisely, they were the first to be caught. Friends Jof Fields and Justin Bonomo, hiding behind these nicknames, have pursued their online poker careers in different ways. To mislead their rivals, they were continually changing accounts. That is, their colleagues at the poker table could not predict how Justin would act at the table because, at that moment, Jof was playing with them from his account. When such fraud was revealed, the guys were banned from playing in online poker rooms. And even some land-based gambling houses said that friends were not allowed to enter them.

The scandal also became known because many users did not even know about the violation. That is, multi-accounting was used by many players who believed that they were not doing anything illegal. This case caused a great stir. Many users began to write that they themselves performed similar tricks. But the poker community was adamant. Until now, many gamblers are caught on such shenanigans and are prohibited from continuing to play online poker.

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