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FinScore and Nityo Infotech Ties Up for Analytics and Data-driven Solutions for APAC Markets

Press Release: April 12, 2021

Nityo Infotech (Nityo), a Global Technology Solutions and Services organization, has partnered with FinScore, an alternative credit scoring company in the Philippines. 

The partnership aims to establish a channel for banks and financial institutions in emerging markets such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand to integrate and activate the capabilities of alternative data credit scoring by FinScore.
In addition, FinScore will be working with Nityo in sparking data-sharing partnerships with Nityo’s existing ties to telecommunication providers in the APAC region. 
FinScore Telco Credit Scoring Solution, which has been serving the Philippine market, has been in a data-sharing partnership with SMART Communications. The partnership allows FinScore and its clients to credit score unbanked adult individuals in the Philippines with the help of the telco data. FinScore’s AI and Machine Learning-powered credit scoring platform was able to deliver over 3,500,000 million scores and facilitated over USD 500,000,000 worth of loans, proving its ability to bridge the financial gap between lenders and borrowers who were once credit-invisible.

“As a pioneer in telco credit scoring in the Philippines, we have witnessed how potent our solution is to our current and upcoming clients. We are serving various financial services such as motorcycle lending, buy now pay later (BNPL) service, digital lending, neo banks, and major traditional banks. 

"Telecommunications companies and the ecosystems around them are among the most key players for fostering financial inclusion. Nityo’s existing technology, infrastructure and partnerships in the region, combined with FinScore’s data science expertise and operational excellence surely tick all the boxes for a winning combination,” he added.

‘’FinScore is known to be the pioneer in Telco Data Credit Score in the Philippines. Telco data is based on over four hundred (400) telco variable as data and voice usage, top-up patterns, location, and SIM age, among others. Combined with FinScore’s machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge technologies, such as Gradient Boosting and Neural Networks, FinScore is proven to have a highly predictive scoring power and can provide a credit score in less than a second. Nityo has been serving Banking and Financial enterprises across the globe and we are very excited to bring FinScore’s innovative offerings to our clients,’’ said Naveen Kumar, Founder & CEO, Nityo Infotech.
About Nityo Infotech Services
Established in 2006, Nityo Infotech one of the fastest-growing IT Services & Solutions Company. Our services span from Application Management Outsourcing, Packaged Application Services, Verification and Testing, Remote Infrastructure Management, Cloud Advisory & Migration, Product Development and Support, to higher value-added offerings including Managed Platform and Product Engineering Services. Nityo has presence in 37+ countries with Global Headquarter at Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA and the APAC Regional headquarters at Singapore. A talent pool of 17,200+ employees serve 3000+ diversified clientele across 37 countries USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Srilanka, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. 
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About FinScore
FinScore (https://www.finscore.ph/) is a financial technology company in the Philippines that offers a powerful credit scoring platform and fraud detection tool based on alternative data, including telco-based data. As the pioneer in lending and scoring of the unbanked in the Philippines, the company continuously empowers banks, financial institutions, and credit bureaus with flexible platforms to help them make insightful and reliable credit decisions.

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Ralitsa Boyadzhieva, Marketing Manager, FinScore

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