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Gazers.co Launches Space Themed T-Shirts with Real Space Imagery

Press Release: June 09, 2019

Space has fascinated men and women of Science for centuries. In the past few decades, we have made a lot of progress in the visual aspect of Space. Power telescopes like the Hubble telescope has made it possible to see the farthest objects in great detail. Space probes reaching other planets like Jupiter and Pluto have opened up a new way of looking at these planets. Space has become a very "visual" place and its ever so fascinating.

The founder of Gazers.co, GS Walia, often found himself spending hours going through the Space imagery and digging into the stories each of them represented. That's when he decided to start Gazers to make high quality t-shirts with real space imagery on them. The actual images taken by the Hubble Telescope or the Juno probe are used to craft these great t-shirts.

"Each of our space themed t-shirts celebrates either a great achievement or a very fascinating fact of Space and Space research", says Walia. "For example, we have some great imagery of the Earth taken from the ISS set on a t-shirt. When you look at the design, you may not believe this is Earth, but it actually is a frozer river in Serbia or the dunes of the Sahara as seen from Space" he adds.

The t-shirts are moderately priced, starting at $19.99 and are available in the US, Canada, UK and mainland Europe. Shipping options are available all around the globe. And all this is not restricted to the Men's section. All the designs are also available for women. Walia says "...in our research, we found that the female demographic coming out to be stronger".

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