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Get Fit King, Publishes the Highly-Anticipated List of Effective Ab Workout Plans for Free

Press Release: April 07, 2021

The new, free e-book available from the official site consists of several ab workout plans that promise readers a six-pack in just 28 days. 

Boston, MA – Get Fit King has come out with a new eBook consisting of 8-minute ab workouts. The new ab workout plans are available for free and go into a detailed 28-day workout plan for ripped abs. The series of workouts promise a shredded six-pack, so as long as the plan is followed closely and the workouts performed daily. Maintaining the six-pack after those 28-days will require continuing with the workouts and lowering the number of calories to help the abs "pop," i.e., make them more visible by removing the remaining few fat layers. 

Summer is finally here, and with it comes an opportunity for men to show off their sliced abdomens at the beach. However, before most people can do that, it's essential to shed the few extra pounds gained over the winter and stimulate the midsection in the form of ab exercises. My Ab Workouts, series of ab workout plans are best paired with a low-calorie diet to reduce fat, instrumental in making the abs (once developed) more visible. 

Readers can download the latest ab workout plans directly from Get Fit King official website https://myabworkouts.com

"We have put together some of the best ab workouts that are guaranteed to give you diced abs. The workouts last for 8-minutes and need to be performed every day. The exercises can also be performed by people of all fitness levels. That said, if the plan is too easy for you, there are more advanced plans too designed to challenge every part of your midsection." Said the editorial team for Get Fit King when we contacted them for comment about their new workouts.

They added, "Even the best ab workouts can only get you so far if you have a few extra pounds of fat. So as long as you have fat around your midsection, those hard-earned abs can't be seen. That's why you’ll want to pair our workouts with a low-calorie diet to see more dramatic results sooner." 

About Get Fit King 

My Ab Workouts is a website dedicated to building the ultimate six-pack. The website publishes workouts and other information relating to building and maintaining a shredded torso, a strong mind and a healthy soul. The free eBook on the website is an excellent way to start for many people who want to get their bodies ready for summer. 

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