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Gisa Ellis, The Author And The Motivator

Press Release: October 07, 2015

Life changes with the passing of time. In our life, change is inevitable. It becomes easier for us to deal with all the changes if someone stays by our side when we need them the most. Gisa Ellis is always there for you when you need support and advice. She is a professional life coach for women.

According to Gisa Ellis, there are some points that should be kept in mind that will help to change one’s life:

• Feeling empowered and supported which is most needed to enhance self- confidence.
• Reading inspirational quoteswhich will help in developing a positive attitude towards life.
• Be open to change in life.

Empowerment of women is what she desires. That is why she has created an international online counseling platform for women, where they can find expert advice for their problems. Her coaching and counseling packages are made to develop a woman personally, financially and emotionally.

Gisa Ellis is the author of the book:“8 keys to change your life”. In this book she talks about all the possible ways that help women to overcome the difficulties of life and to move on.

To know more about Gisa Ellis you can go to her website: www.gisaellis.com

About Gisa Ellis
Gisa Ellis is a writer, founder and guide whose work is based on her ability to understand the problems of women and helps them to overcome it. From childhood she has faced many problems and learned ways to overcome them. It is this ability that she uses in helping women to deal with their problems. She gives you a helping hand. She understands the core of your problem. She helps in transforming some of your worstcircumstances into something wonderful.


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