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Gordon Physical Therapy Launched a New Business Website

Press Release: February 22, 2021

Gordon Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA announced a new business website launch with an easy interface. The owner Luke Gordon said “a team of expert developers and designers was working on it for last few months. Along with the content and design of the website, the domain has also changed. After a lot of hard work and revisions, the developers made it live now.”

By continuing, Luke said, the main intent is to ensure that users get the information they need easily and understanding way. First, we have done market research on what exactly the physical therapy patients are looking for online then created a wireframe of the new website to fulfill their needs.  The website has an enhanced navigation menu with major categories so the user can easily access the exact information he/she is looking for.

On the new website, we introduced a “Free Report” system where the users will get a free book of tips to ease their pain. The user just needs to fill a simple form for that. The free report is available for our all services.

Luke said the new patients can get information in our “About Us” section. We have provided all information about our physical therapy clinic, our office staff, and customer reviews there. Don’t forget to check out the list of our treatments on the “About Us” page.

Furthermore, we have introduced a blog section for patients interested in finding out more about physical therapy and pain relief. Here you will find all topics under the field from physical therapy and how to overcome your pain at home. This way you are constantly informed about the latest on pain management and maintaining good fitness.

For the patients who don’t have time to read the blog posts, we added a “Podcast” section to the website where they can listen to the latest tips and remedies to maintain their physical health and live pain-free.

We also introduced a “Workshop” section where we will provide educational workshops to gather more information about natural ways to ease your pain. You can easily request a date time to attend the workshop for free.

We understand that not everyone looks forward to going to a physical therapist but our team of compassionate professionals makes sure that your visit is as comfortable as possible.

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