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Harvard Law School Justice Hackathon Participants propose technological solutions to injustices

Press Release: July 06, 2020

[Cambridge, Massachusetts, June 7/6/2020 — ] Khan noted his surprise at how many amazing teams came for the Hackathon. The winning team created an app that would read financial contracts using O.C.R.. technology and find patterns in these agreements.

Khan’s team focused on solving the persistent issue of predatory lending. The team proposed an innovative way to inform victims of predatory lending through an early alert text message.

The team built the technology by looking at research that suggests that people are more likely to attend their court hearing if they are informed on the day of the hearing.

The technology would use free public gateways to text the victims of predatory lending to show up for their hearings. The use of public gateways means that the customers would not have to pay for the services, and it would be free to send messages to the clients.

For more information, please explore the slide deck at https://www.slideshare.net/JacobJKhan/harvard-law-school-justice-hackathon-2018-hauser-hall-by-jacob-khan

About Jacob Khan

Jacob Khan is an A.L.B. Candidate at Harvard University studying Business Administration & Management in Extension Studies class of 2021. Jacob is a student member of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston and the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs. Jacob has an interest in leadership and management and is spending his summer interning at a search fund as a Private Equity Analyst.

During the regular semester, Jacob Khan works as an Equity Research Analyst at Harvard Business School for an M.B.A. Professor of Finance. Last semester Jacob was a Senior Investment Research Analyst at the Harvard Financial Analyst Club.

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