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Haryali London Expands Its Product Line And Goes Multilingual

Press Release: February 17, 2021

Haryali London, thanks to the success it has earned in the past few years, has decided to expand its product range and bring the consumers more grooming and shaving items. The company is known for its vast and high quality range of hair care and other grooming products and brings to you varied brands and product types. In the past one year, the sales of the company have gone more than double and this has encouraged them to bring more brands and products for its happy and satisfied customers.

The creative team as well as the owners of the brand, Haryali London felt a need to meet the growing needs of the customers and the only way to do so was to introduce a wide variety of more grooming and hair care items. Each product being introduced has been thoroughly researched upon and studied to make sure consumers only find satisfactory items whenever they log onto this online portal. Besides this, the company has also gone multilingual by launching the site in its German version. Haryali London is also planning to roll out more languages including Italian, French, and others for its website. This is another way of meeting global customer needs and being more accessible to people with different language backgrounds.

These recent developments are nothing but further proof of the fact that Haryali London is fast becoming popular and is trying to grab the global markets. In today’s scenario where people prefer buying everything they need through the web, hair care and grooming products too have a huge scope online. Haryali London has perfectly banked on this trend and brought grooming from physical stores to their web store. The web traffic it receives has touched high numbers and making full use of this, the owners decided to roll out a new product range at the right time. If one has to predict a forecast for the company’s future, it shall surely be an increase in revenue in the new fiscal year.

The website of the company has been tastefully designed keeping in mind the ongoing trends and new favourite colours of the consumers. This is one important aspect to be kept in mind when one sells something online exclusively.  The site is easy to browse through and very customer-friendly.  As soon as you open it, you can see the broad topics and drop-down menus quite clearly so that one doesn’t face any confusion. This makes one shop easily. Website design is one thing that helps in attracting customers and even encouraging them to ‘add to cart’. So Haryali London has done a good job at combing both good products as well as good web design to capture the market.

In recent times, people across the globe have been focusing more on their personal appearance and overall grooming. Whether it is their skin, their hair or their health, people have been paying more attention to themselves.  During the last year, when people were locked inside their homes, one realized the importance of grooming at home and this helped the company in earning more revenue.  This is why, the last year was a good one for it as far as its revenue is concerned.  Shaving is something men do at home all the time but recently, people have also started giving themselves and others haircuts, thanks to the pandemic. This further proves beneficial as far as the success of Haryali London is concerned. 

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