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HeavyRentalz Launches Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace in U.S.

Press Release: November 12, 2020

HeavyRentalz, a startup founded to make more efficient use of construction and heavy equipments. An online heavy equipment rental marketplace, makes renting fast for contractors, more profitable for rental suppliers. HeavyRentalz.com is a SaaS enabled heavy equipment rental marketplace that bring heavy equipment rental suppliers and renters together in United States.

The American Rental Association estimates that the share of U.S. construction equipment owned by rental companies last year reached 54%, up from around 40% a decade ago. Renting heavy equipment has grown more popular partly because of uncertainty over the economic outlook.

RentalTracker® is a Cloud-based Heavy Equipment Rental Management Software that allows you to manage incomes, expenses, working hours, preventive mainten.ance, operator, documents of your rental heavy equipments.

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