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How To Glow Your Skin This Christmas With Organic Natural Skincare Products?

Press Release: November 17, 2020

When it comes to choosing our food, natural and organic ingredients make a perfect choice. The food we eat is broken down by our digestive system, and the liver flushes away all the harmful toxins. However, when we apply a product to our skin, up to 60% of the synthetic chemicals present in it may enter the bloodstream and build up in our bodies. Using chemical-free natural and organic skincare products  on our skin is one of the easiest ways to ensure long-term skin health and radiance.

Everything we ever need to stay healthy has already been created for us by nature!

Organic and natural skincare products combine botanicals, essential oils and vitamins, and minerals that heal and restore our skin. The ingredients used in certified organic products are derived from plants and other naturally occurring substances. More importantly, those organic ingredients are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other additives or chemicals. Your skin and body will absorb only real, natural ingredients that aren’t harmful. Since these products contain no harsh chemicals, there is significantly less waste and toxins going down the drain and back into the earth. Natural products not only do wonders for your skin but also make a positive impact on our environment.

When it comes to certified organic it becomes a very debatable subject as there is no universal standard. After several years of profound cosmetology research and careful evaluation of scientific data on the bio-activity of naturally-derived constituents Tarj Mavi, the Founder and CEO of La Mav Organic Skin Science managed to develop a product line that was result-driven without compromising our health. La Mav products are sourced with the finest ingredients to create pure and potent formulations that deliver visible and long-lasting results. Every La Mav product contains only naturally derived ingredients of the highest quality and is Certified Organic, 100% plant-based. This organic brand is listed in the Preferred Product List of Choose Cruelty-Free. Give your skin the gift of Organic Beauty!

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