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Importance of Regular Coaching Over Online Coaching

Press Release: February 24, 2021

Even a few years back coaching selection was based on the success of a tutor or performance of previous batch of students. Now, with passing time, the key decision when it comes to choosing a coaching is whether to opt for a regular coaching or online coaching. Despite widespread emergence of online education, students and parents are concerned if online coaching would match the environment of regular coaching. 

To clear the confusion and help students and parents choose the best among regular coaching and online coaching, here is a comparative study between regular and online coaching compiled by RJ Vision - one of the top NEET coaching classes in Vadodara that would definitely help to take the best decision:


Regular Coaching – Teachers in regular coaching classes offer extra study materials and notes for easy learning of students. Students can further make notes during class hours in their notebooks for self-learning purposes at home. Teachers correct, make remarks on students’ notebooks that are beneficial and create scope of improvement. 

Online Coaching – In online coaching, study materials are usually shared in the form of images or media files. Learning from virtual study materials, storing them systematically for future reference and getting back to the teacher with the answer scripts for scrutiny are not very seamless in online coaching classes. 

Though academic resources and study materials are part of both regular and online coaching, yet the accessibility is simpler in regular coaching classes. 

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Regular Coaching – Teachers definitely keep an eye on every student. In fact, in RJ Vision, the classroom strength of every batch of students is kept limited such that each student gets complete attention from the teacher resulting in solid learning from their classroom hours. 

Online Coaching – In online coaching, teachers’ often turn off screen or microphone of the students. This reduces the participation from the student’s end and disrupts the interactivity required for a healthy learning process. 

While regular coaching lets teachers and students directly interact, technology comes in the way and deters the process in case of online coaching. 

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Regular Coaching – Regular meetings are held by teachers to convey the performance of students and their scope of improvement in regular coaching. In case the parents have concerns, they can also get back easily to the teacher at the end of class hours. 

Online Coaching – In online coaching, there remains a gap of communication between the teachers and parents. Even though both teachers and parents can connect with each other, but there remains a lack of real time communication. 

As regular coaching is immediate and real time, its weightage always tends to be higher for parents.  Online coaching is yet to reach the spontaneity of regular coaching classes. 

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Regular Coaching – Regular coaching is always conducted on a stipulated time and this develops a sense of punctuality for the students. 

Online Coaching – Online coaching has flexible study hours. However, listening to podcasts or watching videos cannot be as lucrative as learning from an experienced teacher is. 

Over books, notes and study materials, the practices, patience and empathy that a teacher of a regular class builds in a student helps them to learn, grow and become a good human citizen for a better tomorrow. Such virtues can never be imparted in online coaching sessions. 

In the four points discussed in this blog post it is evident that regular coaching has its own perks that online coaching is yet to cope up to despite all kinds of tech innovations. However, students in today’s time if finding it tough to attend regular coaching due to valid reasons, can consider online coaching to keep their academic learning unhampered. 

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