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Landlords and tenants rewarded for working together on revolutionary blockchain prop

Press Release: March 21, 2022

Unique property platform incentivizes property owners to reward good tenants - creating a community where everyone financially benefits 

The world of property management is changing for the better thanks to HOOF It! - a blockchain platform that encourages landlords to reward excellent tenants so everyone enjoys a more fruitful financial outcome. 

Designed by DC-based financial entrepreneur Kelvin Cook, HOOF It! is a community where landlords and residents work together to help one another so that everyone benefits. 

The basic premise is that good tenants - those who pay rent on time, keep their place clean and maintain orderly conduct - are given financial rewards and remain happy in the property. Landlords face fewer vacancies, repairs, or eviction cases as a result, meaning they can operate in a more peaceful and profitable way with a bigger financial return. 
The first blockchain-based loyalty solution niched in the rental market, HOOF IT! is now welcoming landlords, tenants, and future real estate investors to its neighborhood to join a blossoming community completely free of charge. 
Founder Kelvin Cook said: “Humans are instinctively relationship driven - but in property, things are often stale and purely transactional.

“American landlords lose about 9% of their gross rent potential, or around $60 billion per year, to tenant turnover - with many citing poor relationships. Meanwhile, as many as 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 

“Given how tenant behaviors have a major impact on the net operating income of residential real estate investors, something had to change.

“I saw this as an opportunity to create an innovative financial solution that incentivizes the act of Helping Out Our Friends... (HOOF) financially.

“In any other industry, we hire and work with people we like. Why should landlords and tenants be any different? 

“People value honesty. The best way to drive results is to manage desired behaviors, set attainable goals, and celebrate small victories. Once people know that they are valued and respected, they'll run through walls with you.”

“HOOF actively promotes transparency - allowing landlords and tenants to maintain a healthy bond whilst respectively building their own wealth.” 

The HOOF It! app is now available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. 

Learn more about becoming a HOOF It! Rewards property manager and join The Neighborhood online.  

For more information visit www.hoofit.io

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