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Latitude 53 Limited releases details of the new UKB Hub

Press Release: June 02, 2020

Latitude 53 Limited are pleased to release details of the their new UKB Hub designed to encourage and promote the use of UK companies within the UK supply chain.

As governments and businesses around the globe consider how best to protect their own economies and make businesses more resilient to events such as Covid-19, businesses will find the market more competitive in terms of exporting.

The idea behind the UKB Hub is to promote collaboration between both SME suppliers as well as customers in order to provide new opportunities.  By suppliers collaborating they will unlock opportunities that were otherwise out of reach due to size.

The UKB Hub uses a supply rating based on some basic questions relating to

  • Ownership
  • How much product is made in the UK
  • How many of the company's suppliers are in the UK
  • How many of their 2nd tier suppliers are in the UK

This supply rating is aimed at enhancing existing supplier selection systems, not replace them.

Contact Latitude 53 Ltd at enquiries@lat-53.com for further information

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Patrick Slater

Tel: 07484882438

Email: enquiries@lat-53.com

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