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Leadership and Management Training - 10th December Taster Day - Practise is More Important than Talent

Press Release: December 08, 2009

It’s the final Taster day of 2009 at Focus Experiential Training this week!

Focus Training runs these special days only four times a year, and the Winter event will be on Thursday 10th December, entitled ‘Practice is more important than Talent’. The rewarding and valuable day will round off the year by giving guests techniques which will enable themselves and their companies to excel.

What will the day involve?

After a festive welcome of mince pies and hot drinks, we’ll introduce you to the site and you will be able to meet the team. You will also be able to network with like-minded professionals before we begin the day.

Based on The Crucibles of Leadership, a book by Robert J Thomas, the morning session will look at how the often frequent and free, harsh lessons that we learn throughout life, can be good learning experiences – and how we can benefit from developing our skills of reflection. The session will also involve looking at how you can develop a culture where your people practise, seek feedback, reflect, learn and improve – creating a workplace of effective mentors and coaches.

At lunch time guest will enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch made freshly on site – two courses of delicious food with all the trimmings!

In the afternoon we’ll be looking at how NLP can be used in a business environment and guests will be introduced to two powerful techniques they can implement which can help planning for a successful 2010. How can the ‘Power of Timelines’ help you to learn from last year and achieve your targets and dreams in 2010?  We’ll also be explaining how the Disney creative planning framework can help you focus on reaching your goals!

Why should I attend this taster day – or any other Taster day run by Focus Training?

Focus Training runs taster days so that you as an L&D or HR Professional have the opportunity to experience a day as a delegate. We believe strongly in what we do and so we run these seasonal events to enable you to have a complete insight into the way we work. We feel it is very important to work in a partnership so that all of your training needs are met and you get the results you need.

What if I am not available to attend the 10th December taster Day?

If you are not able to join us next week, please get in touch and we’ll let you know about the date and details of our Spring taster day. Alternatively, you can regularly check on our taster day page of the Focus Website

How can Focus Training help me?

Focus Training creates effective solutions for your training needs.  If you are looking to develop your people’s management and leadership skills, or quality accredit your current programme with Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) endorsement, then please talk to us about how we can help you. If you want your people to develop their team skills in an impacting and engaging outdoor team build, where the learning can be immediately applied back in the work place, please give us a call

Tell me more about Outdoor Team Building

Using the purpose built activities around the 360 acres of farm land and woodland, Focus Training outdoor team building includes fun and interactive outdoor challenges and experiences, none of which are daunting or physically demanding. Your team will be co-operating, communicating, sharing experiences and developing trust, and when they return to work, they would have spent time together that they will want to talk about. Their improved rapport can help them achieve their stretching goals and targets.

Tell me more about the Leadership and Management Training

Focus Training offers leading-edge Leadership and Management Development training and includes tried and tested behavioural tools such as Emotional Intelligence 360 and MSQ. The workshops help each leader or potential leader to understand themselves better and the impact their leadership and relating style has on others.

We create bespoke workshops according to your specific needs and can incorporate a Business Game that involves impacting outdoor experiential activities, time for reflection and action plans that can be effectively applied back at work. The time with Focus will allow your people to practise their new skills in a safe and non-threatening environment so they can return to work and confidently implement their learning immediately for maximum business benefit.

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