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Leveraged Consulting Help for Businesses to Unleash Potential of the Digital Age

Press Release: November 24, 2020

New book on the block, Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age, became an official best seller on Amazon this week, in the top 10 for three categories in the business/marketing genres.

That’s not surprising. The general trend has been pushing towards online entrepreneurship for some years now with massive growth in online marketing, online learning and online publishing, globally. But for much of 2020 we’ve also all had to face the forced shift from in-person work to digital engagements.

The digital world of business has taken a giant leap and as businesses large and small scurry to adjust and pivot, author Jay Allyson has delivered a true compass to guide us on the path to transformation, growth and sustainable success.

Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age - How to Build and Grow a Successful Service Business in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace – this insightful and comprehensive handbook might just provide the roadmap you need to achieve that elusive work-life balance – a solution for the aspiring professional who wants it all, greater reach, greater revenue and greater freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

While written primarily for professionals seeking to start, survive and thrive as an independent service provider. Yet there is both breadth and depth here worthy of attention for any business.

Talking about why she wrote the book, author Jay Allyson remarked:

Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age taps into seven massive growth trends we’re seeing in the world today – including online entrepreneurship, internet marketing, e-learning and self-publishing.”

Yet she emphasises: “With leveraged consulting, you don’t need to look outside of what you already have at your disposal. The whole point of leveraging is that you’re already equipped to succeed if you apply power in the right places.”

Leverage isn’t a term often used outside of financing for business growth. But for the small business, leverage means using your unique skills and expertise to gain competitive advantage. Most small businesses don’t use the power of leverage and miss out on the key dimensions of success that can facilitate growth. 

The book is clearly on point for the world we find ourselves in today. Business owners and entrepreneurs who learn to harness technology to leverage their expertise, marketing, sales and delivery platforms are set for a substantial return on investment from digital transformation work.

Asked about how businesses are responding, Jay commented that:

“The sudden forced shift to remote working and learning has fuelled the fire. Some businesses just weren’t prepared to ‘go digital’ but we’re seeing that even the smallest of changes in practice can make a huge difference to how well a business survives and thrives in the marketplace.”

Yet the book goes deeper than just the tech and tactics. Those with an online business can pump up the volume on their brand messaging, audience building and sales conversion by specialising and systematising using the foundations that Jay sets out in this book. Jay’s seminal book holds a wealth of insights and practical know-how drawing together the perspectives of strategic planning, brand positioning, performance improvement and digital capability.

Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age is available right now on Amazon at leveragedconsultingbook.com. Go to order the book plus three bonuses to support readers to take action and claim their success.

Bio: The author’s full name is Dr Jacqueline Allyson Dempster – business consultant, educational entrepreneur and marketing enthusiast. She has a BSc and PhD in biosciences, a PGCert in post-compulsory education and 25+ years’ experience helping people use digital platforms to improve learning and business performance.

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