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Libero Virginia Adds a Fitness Group To Their Growing Brand

Press Release: August 04, 2020

Libero Virginia is in the process of organizing a fitness group

Ashburn, VA (August 2020)Libero Virginia is a place devoted to everyone who wants to improve his skill and learn more about the sport with the help of experienced trainers. A fitness group is a novelty in this club. It is aimed at all present and future clients who care about their healthy lifestyle.

Every volleyball player can reach his maximum potential in the Libero Virginia volleyball club. It is a place where both mental confidence and physical abilities are mixed into one perfect combination.

Libero Virginia’s great volleyball facility offers the top-quality conditions for productive volleyball training. In the unique sports facility, athletes get motivation for their volleyball career working on their strength and all aspects of volleyball as a sport. This is a volleyball club dedicated to hearing and listening to the needs and wishes of everyone who wants to either start or continue with the volleyball practice.

Libero Virginia prides itself with a team of hand-picked trainers who are experienced volleyball professionals. They can train every kid who wants to learn more about volleyball in Ashburn in a way to learn to love this sport even more. A boy or a girl just has to show a wish, and the rest is in the hands of Libero Virginia volleyball club. The main goal is to encourage kids for volleyball as a sport and to help them develop their potential in the right way. The training environment is safe and competitive which enables having a productive training atmosphere and no parent has to worry. Within the program of volleyball for kids in Ashburn, the utmost respect and competitive spirit are constantly developed.

Libero Virginia kids enroll children between 3 and 7 years old. The practice is structured to develop the best speed and flexibility of the kid while working on the balance with top endurance and balance. Libero Kids is a program of games where a kid learns to show respect towards teammates and to be a part of the team.

All volleyball private lessons are structured to suit an individual athlete. Age-appropriate training is great fun in a volleyball club such as Libero Virginia. Every athlete can learn the proven and successful techniques in the game of volleyball today, since Libero’s teamwork on each detail with great care and devotion.  Libero Virginia provides personalized one-on-one lessons that are convenient for everyone who opts for boosting his playing confidence and overall skill in a game of volleyball. Private volleyball lessons are aimed at all skill levels and ages. They are suitable for all who decide to improve or just polish their volleyball game.

Libero Virginia is a good place to devote time to volleyball and a healthy lifestyle. The team of experienced sports pros energetically share their passion and knowledge gained in the USA and Europe as well. All who want to learn about team spirit and how to become a winner are welcomed to Libero Virginia. Children who come to Libero Virginia get new sports friends to share the joy of victory after the hard work at their practices.

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Contact Person: Vladimir Jelic

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For more information, please contact:

Vladimir Jelic

Tel: +1 (571) 225 8210

Email: liberovirginia1@gmail.com

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