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Luca De Massis Italian Vogue Photographer Taking Over United States

Press Release: March 08, 2021

Since time immemorial, the vividness of Italian artistry has been well-celebrated and often the center of almost every creative pursuit. As a matter of fact, the history of Italian arts would frequently tell the glorious stories and achievements of Bernini, Picasso, Michelangelo, among others, and how their works greatly influenced today's creative community. And as a result of how the splendor continually reminds us of historical artworks, there are some exceptional creatives who go over and beyond to capture and maintain the essence and grandeur of art. One such person is Luca De Massis, a modern-day visual artist and photographer who vividly captures moments through photos while persevering with their authenticity.

Mostly recognized for his extraordinary pieces in the realms of fashion and cinematography, Luca De Massis has left remarkable traces of his prowess by embodying the talents of prodigious Italian artists that came before him. As someone born and bred in the creative capital of the world, Luca found it necessary for him to bring the glory of Italian art wherever he goes. Now, based in the United States, Luca continues to celebrate the beauty of art through films and stills.

Luca De Massis began manifesting his love for the arts when he took hold of an old camera and started taking pictures everywhere he went. Since then, Luca knew that he was destined for a career filled with creativity, art, and fine details. And by the time he turned 19, he decided to move to the United States to pursue his passion, which is photography.

Built with an unmatched passion for film and photography, Luca De Massis then strived to become an epitome of grace, creativity, passion, and hope in the realm of arts. And over the course of 15 years, Luca has established a stronghold in the industry, having worked with some well-known celebrities and earned a huge following all over social media. Proving his premier figure in the industry, Luca has been featured in famous European magazines like Vogue Italia, Elle Magazine, Calvin Klein, among others.

But aside from capturing moments through films and stills, Luca De Massis also ventured into the digital space. With the emergence of technological advancements, Luca thought it best to expand his reach and promote art through other means. Hence, Luca has developed a unique approach that integrates photography, technology, and digital marketing. And through his earnest efforts and passion for getting ahead, Luca currently provides design-oriented digital marketing services ranging from logo design and web development to video productions and advertising.

In the coming years, Luca De Massis hopes that his brand will remain a household name for authenticity while reaching more networks across the film and fashion industry. With 15 years of experience and an impressive eye for art, Luca is bound to climb the pinnacles of victory effortlessly in the realms of art, film, and fashion.

To know more about Luca De Massis and his masterful reels of art, you may visit his website or Facebook page. His works can also be seen on Instagram and Youtube.
Luca De Massis
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