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LyricalGenes (Dana Burtin) Wins Rapper of the Year

Press Release: April 29, 2020

Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) won rapper of the year after performing at Tri-C’s (Cuyahoga Community College) “Hip-Hop Homecoming.” With other artists in the line-up competing for the award, LyricalGenes connected and blew away the audience with his song called “HYPE.”


With Dana Burtin’s passionate and inquisitive punchlines, the audience was ecstatic to hear the fresh, new sound delivered by LyricalGenes. His straight-forward, “tell it like it is” attitude shocked the audience in a positive manner, so much so, that he reigned victorious in his endeavour. 


With this award, LyricalGenes made Tri-C’s theme song for their basketball team called, “Royalty” (available on all music and social media platforms) pushing Dana Burtin to new heights and open doors that were not available in the past.


Winning this event was, of course, huge for LyricalGenes’s exposure and credibility; however, Dana Burtin remains grounded and does not let success affect his ego. LyricalGenes’s music journey is merely a reflection of his life. In pursuit of true happiness, LyricalGenes does not let awards or success determine his attitude. LyricalGenes sticks to an image of motivation and positivity; hopefully, a relatable message for everyone to hear through powerful emotion.


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