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LyricalGenes Featured on National Indie Radio

Press Release: February 01, 2021

From LyricalGenes’s album, ‘Dana Burtin’, his track “Bizness Man” is featured on National Indie Radio (WNIR). “Bizness Man” is the second track, but first song on the album, ‘Dana Burtin’. LyricalGenes’s hook gets his audience moving to a dance beat, style, and lyrics that you cannot help but groove to. In addition, the hook of the song details how LyricalGenes prefers to handle beef face-to-face rather than letting media misconstrue words and make a situation bigger or worse than it really is. Furthermore, the hip-hop artist elaborates on the criticism he faced, but persevered while in the industry. LyricalGenes states, “Let me educate you people for a quick second. I don’t rap about guns, sex, drugs, violence, so critics don’t find me pleasant. Until you’re doing what I’m doing, you can get the stepping...A lot of people can’t look at themselves to identify their own reflection. I’m a leader by nature. I’m not signing papers. I make the papers. You sign. That’s business man.” (Dana Burtin [Album], Track #2)

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