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Press Release: July 01, 2020

Communication in fashion and beauty is pivotal to making a brand famous. Till the message doesn't reach your target audience; how will they show interest in your product or service? Unlike older times, the modern world has made communication in fashion much easier and faster. Many famous fast fashion brands and designers who have the leverage to use higher forms of media to advertise also realize the power of digitization.

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You need to give the right message to the target audience at the right time! I Knock Fashion, a digital media for fashion and beauty has a solution for all fast fashion brands, upcoming brands, and established ones to up their communication in fashion games. I Knock Fashion, a widely read and viewed e-magazine for fashion and beauty has been featuring many brands such as Earth Essence, Petal Fresh, Neshe, etc, and widening their audience reach. Be it involving the potential clients through quizzes on Instagram @iknockfashionofficial or influencing purchase decisions through blogs and articles, I Knock Fashion is a perfect area for you to brand yourself, the products and services along with creating a recall through regular stories.

Being amongst fast fashion brand giants and other established designers, influencers, and bloggers on the same platform creates a web of trust and value in the consumers. With an innovative and creative team, I Knock Fashion personalizes its branding strategy for every client, involving influencers and bloggers if demanded/ required. As many new brands are looking for branding at pocket-friendly costs, I Knock Fashion has introduced special plans and strategies for them that would fulfill their purpose of attracting more and more consumers.

If you are looking to make your fashion or beauty brand famous, Then all you have to do is knock at I Knock fashion, and we will spread the word about your brand effectively and creatively.

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