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Natural henna tattoo paste & black henna tattoos paste

Press Release: May 23, 2014

Herbal Henna is the most popular temporary tattoo paste used all over the world & is packed with awesome
healing properties.
Unfortunately, very few are aware of a similar & highly dangerous & harmful product-Black Henna. Black
henna is made up of chemical (mainly PPD-para-phenylenediamine). It is very harmful & may leave lifelong
side effects including blisters, open sores, scars & loss of pigmentation.
How to differentiate between 100% Natural henna & black henna?
There are many ways to differentiate both products:-
PASTE COLOR:-Natural Henna past is dark green or greenish brown in color while black henna paste is
SMELL:- Natural henna has a strong odor while black henna has either chemical or no fragrance at all.
TATTOO COLOR:-Natural henna leaves orange color & start turning dark in 24-48 hrs but black henna
leaves a black stain in no time. If you see artists have black spots (instead or orange or brown), its a hint
she/he is using black henna.
TATTOO DESIGN:- Artist cannot make very fine & smooth design with black henna due to the paste
composition while with natural henna is all about very minute, intricate & fine designs.
HENNA CARE TIPS:- If the artist doesn't give you lots of instructions on how to take care & why is it
important to keep the tattoo away from moisture, it is a RED flag. Natural henna needs lot of care to get
dark color but black henna leaves black stain without any care at all & moisture doesn't effect the stain
BEACHES:- Most of the artists (I am not saying all) uses black henna or a mixture of natural & black
henna as the air is very moist near beaches & it makes it impossible to get a good stain.
Is Henna safe on pregnant woman?
YES! 100% Natural henna is completely safe & as a matter of fact pregnant woman are recommended to
use henna on their belly as henna absorbs all the heat from the body & gives a cooling effect.
Does Zainab uses Natural Henna?
I use all natural 100% herbal henna imported from India. However people allergic to citric or any
essential oils (which are natural too) should be careful as lemon & other essential oils are mixed to get a
dark & longer lasting stain. Patients taking lithium pills should avoid henna.
Author of this article is the leading henna tattoo designer & an active blogger serving greater Philadelphia &
Tri-State area for years now.

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