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New range Lab: the missing prescription for your nails

Press Release: September 29, 2020

Andreia Professional, a Portuguese brand specialized in the cosmetic and beauty area, announces the launch of the new range Lab: 

This is the new range Andreia Professional for nail care.

Brittle, damaged, dehydrated, and weak nails have now the right prescription to bring back all the vitality and strength, thanks to the 23 products launched by the brand. For dry and peeling nails, calcium is the solution! Yellow or pigmented nails are solved with the whitener. The nutri serum treats dry cuticles and accelerates nail growth. While cuticle scrub and hydro cuticle drops seem to be basic care, the strengthening and multivitamin base coats raise the treatment to another level. Finally, for bitten nails, there is also healing. 

Thus, the new Lab: range prescribes and presents solutions to end nail problems, from cuticles to the tip of the nail. Most of the products are vegan and some of the formulations already used were maintained, while others were perfected.

With this launch, Andreia Professional seeks to highlight the importance of permanent care to ensure healthy nails.

In this way, the brand invites all its public to discover this range, which will be disclosed on the official website andreiaprofessional.com and also on social networks in:

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